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Experience Fun and Holistic Learning at University of Batangas Grade School Department.

The early years of a child’s life are crucial for their development, and at the University of Batangas Grade School Department, we prioritize not only providing a strong academic foundation but also nurturing a solid moral, spiritual, and emotional base. Our mission is to lay the groundwork for these young minds to grow into active, responsible, productive, and ethical members of their communities.

We understand that children have an innate desire for fun and engaging activities. That’s why we’ve designed our curriculum to strike a perfect balance between academic rigor and the enjoyment of childhood. Our approach encourages kids to learn through wholesome, enjoyable, and productive experiences.

Moreover, our commitment to excellence in programs and services has earned us a Department Level III status from the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA). Join us in providing your child with an enriching educational journey that combines academic growth with joyful learning.”


UBBC Grade School’s mission is to inspire a love for learning and create a nurturing environment where every child can prosper. We are committed to planting the seeds of academic excellence, motivating creativity, and promoting social-emotional development in our learners. Through a learner-centered instruction, a partnership between teachers, parents, and the community, we aim to empower our pupils to become lifelong learners, responsible, and compassionate human beings.


We envision the Grade School environment to foster creativity, critical thinking and a growth mindset. Through engaging and innovative education, we shall become the haven of academically inclined, confident and compassionate learners prepared to take up the challenge of junior high school education.


G – to foster GROWTH and development in young learners
R – to promote READINESS in academic, social, and emotional domains
A- to facilitate the ACQUISITION of essential knowledge, skills, and attitudes towards the child’s well-rounded development 
D- to cultivateDISCIPLINE , fostering a love for knowledge and the skills to succeed in future academic pursuits.
E – to EQUIP young learners critical thinking abilities, and social skills, for a successful future.
S – to SUPPORT the holistic development of learners by providing them a safe and nurturing environment 
C – to awaken a CURIOSITY for learning, critical thinking skills, and creativity in young minds.
H- to HELP learners hone their skills, and values that will enable them to succeed in their academic journey and beyond.
O – to offer OPPORTUNITIES for learners to explore, discover, and develop their potential in various academic, social, and creative aspects of life
O- to provide OCCASIONS for young learners to develop their talents, interests, and potential for lifelong learning
L – to set down the child’s personal development necessary for LIVING and contributing to the challenging social milieu 

Graduate Attributes of UB Grade School

L – Lively – which means that learners are often full of energy, enthusiasm, and a natural curiosity for the world around them. 
I – Inquisitive – which means that learners constantly ask questions, seek information, and have a strong desire to explore and discover new things
K – Keen – which means that learners demonstrate a genuine interest in various subjects, actively participating in class discussions and eagerly absorbing new information
E – Equipped – which means that grade school graduates possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and abilities to transition to the next phase of education

Programs Offered

Preparatory, Kindergarten, and Grades 1-6 are being offered in UB Grade School.

Program Outcomes / Competences

Graduates of the grade school program shall possess and demonstrate the skills, attitudes, and values essential to personal development and necessary for living in and contributing to a developing and changing social milieu; acquire learning experiences which increase awareness of and responsiveness to the changes in and just demands of society and to prepare him for constructive and effective involvement; manifest  knowledge of, identification with, and love for the nation and the people to which he belongs; and gain  orientation to the world of work and creativity and prepare himself to engage in honest and gainful work


Mrs. Raquel Fajilan
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Mrs. Lovelyn Mapoy
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Mrs. Angelica Aguado
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Ms. Marry Jane Guillermo
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Mrs. Violeta De Guzman
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Mrs. Sheila Marie Lumanglas
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Mrs. Teofila Serrano
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Ms. Venus Alvarez
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Mrs. Edita Pelaez
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Mrs. Michelle Rose Gacusan
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Mrs. Caressa De Guzman
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Mr. Ronel Porcino
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Ms. Shiela Mae Asugui
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Mrs. Demetria Alipusan
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Mrs. Ana Ebora
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Mrs. Nerissa Torregoza
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Ms. Trisha D. Magno
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Mrs. Rosa Lontoc
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Mrs. Narissa Panganiban
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Mrs. Nilda Onia
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PACUCOA Level III Accredited

University of Batangas Grade School Campus
University of Batangas Batangas City
Hilltop, Kumintang Ibaba, Batangas City
+63 43 723-1446 local 708
[email protected]
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What levels/grades are included in UB Grade School?

We offer a comprehensive educational experience at UB Grade School, covering Preparatory, Kindergarten, and Grades 1-6.

Where is UB Grade School located?

You can find UB Grade School situated at M.H. Del Pilar St., Brgy. 17, Batangas City, Batangas.
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