The University of Batangas is more than just a place for academics; it’s a vibrant community that nurtures the minds and spirits of its students. With a commitment to academic excellence, cultural diversity, and holistic development, UB provides a rich and rewarding campus life experience. Students who choose to start their educational journey at UB are not only investing in their future careers but also in a lifelong network of friends, mentors, and experiences that will shape them into well-rounded individuals ready to embrace the challenges of the world. UB is not just a university; it’s a home where dreams are nurtured, and potential is unleashed.

About our Office 

Fellowship with peers and people of like-mind is another aspect of student life that the University of Batangas acknowledges. This is why the University gives its full support to the establishment of student organizations.

At present, there are 32 student organizations in Batangas City Campus that are officially recognized and supported by the University. The range of the interests of these organizations is wide and varied, reflecting the equally diverse and intelligent student population of the University. Each of these has their own set of exciting and unique activities and events throughout every academic year.

From groups that pursue academic interests to those that are into leadership and various forms of art, students are sure to find a niche where they belong and fit into, and meet like-minded people who are sure to make their University life even more colorful.

Furthermore, the office provides opportunities for the total development of the student by promoting a variety of educational, socio-civic, leadership and community extension programs.  It oversees the activities of the Student Government and accredited student organizations and spearheads the College Discipline Board. The office is also tasked to maintain a mutual relationship between University of Batangas, industry and its alumni.  It carries out activities related to career and placement services to both students and alumni such as pre-employment seminars, job fairs and maintaining linkages with companies, referrals of students and alumni to possible employers, and providing other resources necessary for students/alumni to set career goals and obtain successful employment.


The office envisions to be the foremost provider of exemplary student-centered activities, external programs and alumni relations services with the end objective of producing individuals who will eventually lead, influence and contribute to the nation-building and upliftment of human conditions.


The office is committed to deliver programs and services designed for the enrichment of the student and graduates’ full potential for personal development, leadership and social responsibility through various institutional and student-initiated activities and collaboration with internal and external partners.


The Student Affairs and External Programs aims to:

  1. Implement programs and services that will develop innovative student leaders and reinforce student organizations and student government for recognition, active participation and organizing activities.
  2. Protect student’s rights and responsibilities by handling issues on student disciplines and behavior expediently.
  3. Implement programs to assist graduates/ graduating students in achieving their career goals and aspirations and enhance their employability skills.
  4. Promote and establish a strong and lifelong relationship with alumni.
  5. Implement community extension programs and services that focus on economic development, human and social empowerment, education/ literacy, environment advocacy and socio-civic support.
  6. Establish mutually beneficial linkages with internal and external partners for the continuous improvement of student support services .
  7. Provide and support training opportunities and resources for staff to develop and enhance their skills and competencies.
  8. Produce research output on student affairs and services.

Programs and Services


  • Recognition must be renewed annually. Recognition granted during the previous academic year expires May 31. New applications and renewals are processed beginning August 1-30. No application will be entertained after the due date.
  • Organization’s election of officers for the next school year must be made before the expiration of the recognition grant.
  • Checklist of documents must be completed during the submission of requirements.  Accomplish form F-SAEP-01. All information requested on the form must be provided. 
  • Submit all the requirements to the SAEP Office. For the new organization, provide a letter of application to be addressed to the SAEP Officer, Vice President for Student Affairs and Services, Executive Vice President and to the University President.


  • AFTA – Association of Future Tourism Ambassadors
  • AIHMS – Association of International Hospitality Management Students
  • ALMMA – Association of Legal Management Majors
  • AsFOP – Association of Future Office Professionals
  • ASSA – Association of Student Assistants
  • BrICS – Brahman Integrated Computing Society
  • CEO – Creative Entrepreneur’s Organization
  • CpESS – Computer Engineering Students Society
  • FAMPS – Future Allied Medical Practitioners Society
  • FES – Future Engineer’s Society
  • FEU – Future Educators Union
  • FMAS – Future Multimedia Artist Society
  • ISO – International Students Organization
  • ISOTES – Integrated Society of Technical Education Student
  • JBMA – Junior Business Managers Association
  • JFINEX – Junior Finance Executive Institute of the Philippines
  • JIECEP – UBAT – Junior Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines – University of Batangas
  • JIIEE – UB – Junior Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers – University of Batangas
  • JMA – UB CHAPTER – Junior Marketing Association – University of Batangas Chapter
  • JPIA – Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants
  • JPIIE – Junior Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers
  • JR. AASHPI – Junior Asian Association of School Human Resource Management and Development Practitioners, Inc.
  • JVS – Jurisprudence Vanguard Society
  • OPS – Organization of Psychology Students
  • PICE – Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers
  • PSC – Political Science Circle
  • PSME – Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • Shotokan Karate Club
  • Sigma Theta Tau
  • UB SONS – Seeds of the Nations
  • UB STUDIO 1946
  • YCG – Young Communicator’s Guild

SAEP also oversees the activities of the University of Batangas Student Government (UBSG). The UBSG is the governing body of the studentry. The UBSG holds the election every year based on its own constitution and by-laws. It helps promote and protect students’ rights and welfare. It has proven to be a good training ground for leadership and the exercise of democratic  


Gawad UBian is an annual search that recognizes outstanding students and student organizations that aims to inspire them to excel not only in academics, but also to dedicate themselves as exceptional leaders and community servants. During the event, Top 10 Scholarship Grantors and Top 10 Most Active Industry Partners for Job Placement are also recognized.



I.Minimum Qualification Requirements

a. A currently enrolled student in the College Department – UBBC

b.An outstanding student in academics and co- and extra-curricular activities with no failing grades.

II. Documents for Submission (soft copy)

a. All documents for submission must be in letter-size bond paper (8.5×11”).

b. 1 copy of duly accomplished application form inclusive of all documents in sequential order as shown in the checklist.

c. The application package must not exceed 100 pages. All pages must contain a page number.

III.  Checklist

a. Table of Contents

b.  Applicant’s Personal Data Form with black and white 2×2 photo

c.  Applicant’s Most Significant Accomplishments

d. Applicant’s Academic Achievement Profile

e. Applicant’s Leadership and Co-Curricular Achievement Profile

f. Applicant’s Social Responsibility Profile

g. Applicant’s Character and Values Profile

  • Recommendation letter from Dean, Department Head or Instructor
  • Recommendation letter from a person with deep knowledge of the personal history of the applicant. May be a mentor, counselor, community or church leader or any person of good repute who worked with the applicant.
  • Outstanding UBian essay
  • Transcript of Records

h.Supporting Documents

  • Certificates
  •  Photos


 I. Minimum Qualification Requirements

 a. A duly-recognized student organization for the current school year.

 b. Have conducted at least one outreach activity at UB’s partner community for the current school year.

 II. Documents for Submission (soft copy)

a. All documents for submission must be in letter-sized bond paper (8.5×11”).

b. The application package must not exceed 100 pages. All pages must contain a page number.


III.  Checklist

 a. Table of Contents

b. Accomplishment Reports of the organization for the current school year in chronological order and with photo documentation.

c. Group Photo (a collage of solo pictures is acceptable)



Criteria for Judging:

 Outstanding UBian

Academic Achievement – 40%

Leadership Achievement – 30%

Social Responsibility – 30%


Outstanding Student Organization

Campus leadership – 40%

Promotion of academic growth and achievement of its member and the campus community – 30%

Notable accomplishments of the organization -30%

Special Citations (those with good accomplishments but score did not meet the standard for the Outstanding UBian)


  1. Arts
  2. Sports
  3. Community & Religious Stewardship
  4. Leadership
  5. Journalism

    As an academic institution, UB has vested interest in both the safety and well-being of the members of its community. The Code of Student Rights and Responsibility reflects the emphasis on responsibility in both the academic and non-academic areas of university life. The code intends to provide the necessary guidelines to support and advance the educational aims of the university without unduly restricting or diminishing the university experience.

    UB protects the rights of all members of the university community so they can prosper academically, socially and personally. In order for this code to work effectively, however, students must take responsibility for confronting behaviors exhibited by their peers which negatively impact their experiences and violate established standards of behavior. It is imperative that students work in partnership with faculty members and non-teaching personnel to protect the rights that have been afforded to them. The university reserves the right to change policies or procedures maintained herein at any time during a student’s enrollment period provided such changes are announced throughout the university community via official bulletin boards, online platforms, office publication or student newspaper.

    Complaints may be filed via this link:




The Community Extension Services (CES) as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of the university envision a dynamic participation, partnership and volunteerism in providing a holistic development that brings significant impact to the community.


The Community Extension Services is committed to promote total development of partner and assisted communities through the enhancement of knowledge and skills shared by UB Volunteer Extension Coordinators that will facilitate equal access to resources and opportunities for the upliftment of the people’s political, social, economic, moral and intellectual life geared toward self-reliance and cohesiveness. 



  1. To partner communities where literacy, livelihood, and technology transfer projects can be implemented with the direct and indirect involvement of the UB family. 
  2. To support medical and dental missions to indigent barangays in coordination and cooperation with services and welfare organizations.
  3. To provide staff assistance, lecturers and training on Social, Cultural and Sports components such as anti-drug abuse education, peace and order, theater arts, health and safety, labor laws, cooperative, leadership, culture and sports, etc.
  4. To develop and strengthen the human and spiritual aspects of a person or individual through enhancement programs like group dynamics, recollections, retreats, etc.
  5. To support environmental awareness and management programs and other community development projects.

True to its core value of Service to Fellowmen, University of Batangas- Batangas Campus is consistently involved with community extension that is reflected in its dynamic social responsibility programs and opportunities in broad areas of academic, societal, economic, and ecological initiatives. This is done through the Community Extension Service office which is committed to promote total development of partner and assisted communities and provides service to fellowmen through the five key result areas of CES – S.E.E.D. SSocial and Human Empowerment, Economic Development, Environmental Advocacy, Education and Literacy Enhancement, and  Socio-Civic Support.

UB-CES designs to implement programs, projects, activities   aimed at improving the quality of life of the target communities in the Key Results areas. Such activities were:

I. Social and Human Empowerment programs such as: a) youth recollection, b)stress management seminar, c) family life seminar, d) group dynamics workshop, e) establishment of groups for mothers, fathers and youth, f) katarungang pambarangay, g) disaster risk management seminar, h) self – defense training, i) anti-drug seminar, j) cultural workshop for kids and youth, k) sports training for kids and youth,  l) medical mission, m) health teaching, n) blood letting activity, o) zumba dance for adult and senior citizens for promoting health and wellness, p) personality development seminars, and q) leadership trainings for barangay officials and youth; 

II. Economic Development Activities such as: a) Embutido Making, b) Baking of cookies, c) Dishwashing liquid and detergent powder making, d) Massage, e) Seminar on labeling of products and micro – financing for promoting income, g) mikiron making, g) manicure and pedicure trining, h) tapa and longganisa making, i) welding and electrical installation training and j) basic sewing and rug making; 

III. Environmental Advocay programs such as: a) coastal clean – up drive b) tree planting, c) YES-O activities, and d) mangrove planting; 

IV. Education and Literacy Enhancement programs such as: a)   reading mentoring, b) computer literacy, and c) SABWAT (Share a book; Wake a thought) for promoting academic performance; d)BYTE (Be a Young Techie) Camp and e) academic tutorial,

V. Socio-civic support program such as: a) community christmas party, b) adopt-a-day care  project, c) donation drive and distribution of relief goods to the victims of natural calamities, d) PDL (persons deprived of liberty) book donation and gift giving activity at Batangas City Jail Female dormitory. 

Staff’s Professional Affiliations

  • Alay Lakad Foundation Inc.
  • Asia Pacific Career Development Association (APCDA)
  • Batangas Coastal Resource Management Foundation
  • Batangas Provincial Federation of PESO Managers Inc.
  • Region IV-A Alliance of Public Employment Service Officers Inc. (RAPESO)
  • Network of CALABARZON Educational Institutions (NOCEI)
  • National CSR Educators Council (NCEC)
  • Public Employment Service Office Managers Association of the Philippines (PESOMAP)
  • Philippine Association of Practitioners of Student Affairs and Services (PAPSAS Inc.)

Contact Details

Facebook Page:

SAEP Facebook Page-

UB Job Placement Services Facebook Page-

UB Alumni Services Facebook Page-

UB Community Extension Services-

Email Address: [email protected]

Telephone Number: (043) 723 1671 local 117 / (043) 723-9658

Location: Mezzanine Floor, A Building University of Batangas- Main Campus

Office Hours

Monday to Friday | 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

About the Center

The Culture, Arts, and Publications (CArP) Office of the University of Batangas is a premiere institutional division which holistically elevates the integrals of UBian traditions, where the University of Batangas is well-known for. Aiming to Promote the Culture, Uplift the Arts, and Fortify the Publications of the BEST educational institution—the University of Batangas—the CArP Office gives equal opportunities for every UBian to succeed in the academe through educational scholarships and excel in life through the various trainings, programs, activities, and many other educational endeavors it offers. Tapping the BEST Advisers/Trainers to facilitate each organization component included, the CArP Office assures continuous professional development of its every member. Gearing toward strengthening and globalizing the Culture, Arts, and Publications of the University of Batangas by presenting and exposing these salient components to the world, the CArP Office is and will always be rising and striding to provide the BEST outputs and services, all in the name of excellence—the University of Batangas’ hallmark.

Our Vision

The Culture, Arts and Publications (CArP) Office is the premier    organization that is committed to fortify a well-established UB identity that cultivates various facets of specific disciplines toward cultural understanding, art appreciation and responsible campus journalism anchored on quality standards, creating a cradle of creativity and influence to the society.

Our Mission

The Culture, Arts and Publications (CArP),Office  as one of the pillars of the university, is driven to provide strong platforms to create a culture of solid competence, timeless artistry, and dignified voices thereby producing world class talents in a highly diversified environment that is locally and internationally acclaimed.

Our Objectives 

  1. Uphold socio-cultural sensitivity and responsible journalism by exposing the workforce to a wide array of opportunities consistent with the university’s, mission and vision;
  2. Strengthen shared responsibilities of the CArP Office, trainers and students towards the fulfillment of CArP’s aspirations;
  3. Abide with the university’s already established reputation in culture, arts and publications and other related activities by harnessing the skills of both trainers and students; and thereby,
  4. Develop a well-recognized identity that will serve as a solid platform for the university to maintain its name as the leading institution in CALABARZON and in the country.

Specific Objectives

  • Culture and Arts
  1. Engage our trainers and students in various acclaimed cultural organizations that provide workshops and trainings to gain expertise on their respective fields;
  2. Showcase exemplary performances in different cultural events/competitions in the division, regional, national and even in the international level and continuously bring pride and honor to the university; and,
  3. Promote cultural understanding through immersion and cultural exchange projects which will further hone the students’ performing arts skills. 
  • Publications
  1. Demonstrate understanding on the importance of campus journalism by expressing various journalistic endeavors and approaches;
  2. Provide a venue for enriching learning experience for students interested in pursuing journalism career; and
  3. Promote responsible journalism through far and ethical standards.
  • Special Events and Other Student-Related Activities
  1. Fortify the spirit of camaraderie, sportsmanship, cooperation and unity by conducting diverse activities that are consistent with the needs and demands of the studentry;
  2. Empower students to unleash their potentials, strengthen their communication skills and boost their confidence by providing different activities to participate in; and,
  3. Instill in the students mind the value of discipline and sense of responsibility in accomplishing students – centered activities.

Recognized Clubs and Organizations

  1. Basic Education (UBBC/UBLC)
  2. UB Recreation and Arts (Grade School)
  3. UBHS Rondalla (UBBC)
  4. UBHS Stringers (UBBC)
  5. UBHS Dance Troupe (UBBC)
  6. Indayog Kultura Dance Company (UBBC)
  7. UBHS Choir (UBBC)
  8. UBHS Teatro Anino (UBBC)
  9. Arts and Camera Club (UBBC)
  10. Teatro ACTibo (UBLC)
  11. UBeatz Elites (UBLC)
  12. Kwerdas Kanluran (UBLC)
  13. UBLC Choir (UBLC)
  14. Arts and Camera Club (UBLC)
  15. UB Brahman Pep Squad


  1. Higher Education (UBBC/ UBLC)
  2. Jazz Band (UBBC)
  3. Tanghalan Dal’wa Singko (UBBC)
  4. UB Chorale  (UBBC)
  5. Vocal Ensemble (UBLC)
  6. Dance Company (UBBC)
  7. UBLC Dance Street (UBLC)
  1. Basic Education (UBLC/UBBC) 
  2. The Westernian Herald (Elementary)
  3. The Westernian Pioneer (UBBC)
  4. Tunog Pamantasan (UBBC)
  5. The Brahman Pillar (UBLC)


  1. Higher Education 
  2. The Westernian Advocate (UBBC)
  3. The Brahman Journal (UBLC)

Benefits of Cultural Group Members and Publication Staff

Upon recommendation of the Trainers/Coaches, Cultural Affairs Coordinator, CArP Director and VP-SAS, the President may grant the following benefits:

  • Development of cultural talents and publication skills through supervised trainings, seminars and workshops
  • Use instruments, costumes, and uniforms provided by the university.
  • Opportunities to showcase talents in a Cultural Show sponsored by UB, the government, and non-government organizations.
  • Opportunity to enjoy discounts on tuition fee

Contact Details

Email Address

[email protected]


Telephone Number

+63 43 723-1446 local 526/531


2nd Floor, Building F, UB Batangas City Campus

Hilltop, Kumintang Ibaba, Batangas City

Office Hours

Monday to Friday | 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Guidelines for the University Health Services Office

The University Health Clinic is responsible for delivering interventions and preventive health services to ensure the well-being of all members of the UB community.

  1. Periodic Health and Dental Assessment;
  2. Scheduling of the Random Drug Testing;
  3. First Aid Treatment,
  4. Health Record Keeping and Updating,
  5. Responding to Emergency Cases,
  6. Issuance of Medical/Dental Certificates for university-related activities,
  7. Referral to Specialists, and;
  8. Health Information for UBians (HIUB)
  1. All primary health care services shall be administered by qualified and licensed medical, dental, and allied professionals to members of the university community;
  2. Health services are limited to minor ailments, emergency cases and injury resulting from accidents occurring within the premises of the university;
  3. The health care personnel shall maintain and keep updated health records of all students, including but not limited to, medicine administration, emergency incident report and disability records for students with disability;
  4. The Health Services shall maintain a list of directory of professionals, local health office, government and private hospitals for referral of complex or emergency cases;
  5. There shall be trained and qualified first aid responders who may be required to provide necessary intervention/s during emergency cases;
  6. The Health Personnel must keep an updated inventory of all medical supplies, including the first aid kit in every faculty room and office, thus ensuring that expired medicines are properly disposed of. The person who signed out the kit shall be held responsible for the loss of medications that are unaccounted, and;
  7. The health personnel shall help promote healthy lifestyle among members of the community.

A. Policy on Attending to Sick Members of the UB Community

  1. Health Personnel must always check and update the student record when attending to their medical complaints;
  2. Students who are assessed by the health personnel to have the need to stay inside the clinic due to their ailment/s may stay in the clinic until their condition gets stable, provided that friends and visitors are not allowed to stay with them;
  3. In cases where students are assessed with the need to go home, the Health personnel or the concerned adviser/Principal shall immediately contact the parents/guardian to fetch the minor students, all others, adults may go home on their own cognizance.
  4. Only first aid treatment shall be provided by the health personnel; in complex or emergency cases, referral to other professionals or agencies shall be observed;
  5. On medicine administration, the University Health Services Office shall only provide the initial dose upon direction of the medical doctor. In case there is a need for assistance in the administration of medicine/maintenance drugs, the parents/guardian must send a legibly written letter of request containing the following information below together with the medicine/maintenance drugs, Physician’s prescription, and a photocopy of valid ID:

a. Name and Section of Child/Program

b. Condition/Illness requiring the medication

c. Medicine and Dosage

d. Time to be given

e. Start and End Date

f. Parents/Guardian’s Signature over Printed Name

B. Guidelines on Responding To Emergency Cases

  1. Emergency cases must be responded immediately by the health personnel; in case no health personnel is available, other trained first aiders may be asked to intervene;
  2. Health personnel shall contact the parents/guardian or consult the administrator regarding all emergency cases;
  3. In the event that the student needs to be transported to the nearest hospital, health personnel shall accompany the student for proper endorsement to the physician; in case the health personnel cannot accompany the student due to other circumstances, the trained first aid responders should accompany the student, provided that the health personnel will contact the hospital for proper endorsement, and;
  4. The health personnel must accomplish an incident report to be submitted to the school authorities and must be reflected on the student record.

C. Guidelines for Periodic Health and Dental Assessment

  1. The memo for the Health and Dental Assessment schedules per Department in coordination with the University Physician and Dentist is approved by the VPSAS and disseminated to the Deans/Directors/Principal of the respective departments;
  2. The Deans/Directors/Principals disseminates the schedule to their respective departments through program heads, head teachers, faculty members;
  3. The students visit the Health Services Office in the given schedule;
  4. The nurse performs the health assessment and assist the University Dentist during dental assessment, thus, separate schedules for health and dental assessments may be given;

a. For Health Assessment:

Students who were assessed with potential health problems should be scheduled for consultation with the university physician. In case university physicians assessed the student for further evaluation by a specialist, proper referral must be observed;

b. For Dental Assessment:

Students who were assessed with dental concerns that needs further evaluation and treatment by a specialist must be properly referred;

*Both referrals must be properly documented and a copy must be provided to parents of minor students.

  1. Summary report that includes important details like the schedule, the general health status of students, the number of students who were assessed, the number of students who were referred to the physician, the number of students who were referred outside, the nature of concerns and other information that will assist the school in profiling the health and dental assessment of our students.

D. Guidelines for Issuance of Medical Certificate

  1. The requesting Department provides a request 10 days prior to the need for the medical certificate with the name of students, and the purpose of the certificate. Medical Certificates are issued for university-related activities only to certify illness or fitness to join a university-related activity.
  2. The University Physician/Dentist issues the certificate based on the available medical/dental record in the Health Services Office acquired during the Annual Health and Dental Assessment and previously submitted medical certificate validated by the HSO. In case students do not have their updated annual assessments, HSO will schedule them for a health and dental assessment before providing the medical certificate.
  3. In case the medical certificate is needed for joining activities that may pose risk to the students’ well-being, the HSO shall require the student to present a clearance from a non-UB physician/dentist.
  4. A summary report must be submitted to VPSAS.


Sports Development Office


The Sports Development Office envisions itself to be an arm that promotes the university as a preferred choice of student athletes who seek specialized, career and life-enhancing education while participating on highly competitive athletic teams in national and international levels.


The Sports Development Office is committed to maintain and develop highly motivated athletic teams, honed in the fundamentals and standards of international competitions and guided by the university’s core values that are parallel to the multidisciplinary academic programs of the University of Batangas.

Sports Programs

  • Unified Brahman Volleyball Team (Men, Women, Boys, and Girls)
  • UB Basketball Men (Men and Boys)
  • UB Football Men
  • UB Badminton (Men, Women, Boys, and Girls)
  • UB Table Tennis (Men, Women, Boys, and Girls)
  • UB Taekwondo (Men, Women, Boys, and Girls)
  • UB Chess (Men, Women, Boys, and Girls)
  • UB Futsal Girls
  • E-Sports (Juniors and Seniors)
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