Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program


The Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP) is an educational assessment scheme that recognizes knowledge, skills, and prior learning obtained by individuals from non-formal and informal education experiences.

By establishing equivalency competence standards and a comprehensive assessment system employing written test, interview, skills demonstration and other creative assessment methodologies, higher education institutions may administer competency-based evaluation.

A Panel of Assessors is convened to determine the candidate’s knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to a particular discipline, and the administering higher education institution awards appropriate equivalency credit or academic degree to successful candidate.


The UB – ETEEAP provides to the growth of qualified individuals in obtaining an academic degree relevant to their workplaces.


The UB – ETEEAP envisions being the lead HEI in providing continuing education and professional development through equivalency and accreditation.


UB – ETEEAP aims to:
• Promote equal access to quality education;
• Ensure the system of equivalency and accreditation to all the programs/courses;
• Strengthen the academe – industry – government agencies partnership for the extensive implementation of ETEEAP.

Relevant work experiences gained by individuals are accredited and given equivalencies comparable to those obtained through formal education.

• AB in Political Science
• AB in Psychology
• BS in Business Administration
• BS in International Hospitality Management
• BS in Computer Engineering
• BS in Industrial Engineering
• BS in Computer Science
• BS in Information Systems
• BS in Information Technology
• Bachelor of Library and Information Science
• Bachelor of Elementary Education
• Bachelor of Secondary Education

a) Biography
b) Accomplished & Duly Notarized ETEEAP Application form – 2 copies (for ETEEAP & CHED copy) download here: ETEEAP Application Form
c) Comprehensive Resume/ Curriculum Vitae
d) Certificate of Employment with JOB DESCRIPTION and Previous Employment; if business owner – need to submit business permit and other documents, licenses and tax payments
e) Certificate of Proficiency/ Recommendation letter from the immediate superior
f) Transcript of Records (T.O.R.) / F137 – 3 photocopies
g) Certificate of Trainings, Seminars, Awards, Professional Organization, Community Service, Scholarships, Professional License, Eligibility
h) Projects/Improvements (Technical report certified by the HR/Manager or certificate)
i) Company/Department Organizational Chart (Personnel Chart) – Certified by the HR/Manager
j) P.S.A. Birth certificate (3 photocopies)
k) P.S.A. Marriage certificate – 3 photocopies for FEMALE / 1 photocopy for MALE
l) Brgy/Police/NBI Clearance or Passport – any of these
m) Medical Certificate (Physically fit) from the company
n) 3 Long brown envelope
o) 2 x 2 picture (4 pcs.)
p) photocopy of valid I.D and company I.D.
q) photographs of the candidate in the workplace or work station
r) photocopy of Community Tax Certificate (Cedula)

Application Fee: P500

– Filipino Citizen
– At least High School Graduate
– Employed for an aggregate of 5 years in industry related to the academic degree program or discipline he is vying for. (experiences in decision-making, planning and supervisory responsibilities)
– At least 23 years old
– Must be proficient in a branch of the discipline applied for.
– Ability of the candidate to submit an accomplished ETEEAP Application

Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program
University of Batangas Batangas City
Hilltop, Kumintang Ibaba, Batangas City
+63 43 723-1446 local 105
[email protected]

Application Period for 1st Semester

January to July

Application Period for 2nd Semester

July to December

Exam Schedule

Please contact Dr. De Los Reyes or Mr. Lopez for your examination. The ETEEAP office will schedule you for the entrance exam.
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