Unveiling Unity and Talent: Highlights from UBLC Febstival 2024 at the University of Batangas Lipa City Campus

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The University of Batangas concluded its spectacular three-day celebration, the UBLC Febstival 2024, commemorating the institution’s 78th Founding Anniversary. From February 21 to 23, the campus was alive with excitement as students, faculty, and staff came together to honor their alma mater’s rich history and vibrant community spirit.

The festivities kicked off with the colorful Parade of Colleges, a spectacle that showcased the diversity and unity within the university. Following the parade, the Booth Fair opened its doors, offering plenty of activities, food stalls, and exhibitions for attendees to enjoy. One of the highlights of the Febstival 2024 was the eagerly anticipated Mr. & Ms. Face of UBLC pageant, where participants captivated the audience with their charisma and talent with a mesmerizing vocal solo competition of student/faculty in between segments. 

As the celebration continued into February 22 and 23, the energy remained visible. Each college took center stage, showcasing their unique talents in dance performances that left the audience in awe. The Amazing Race, a thrilling competition between colleges, added an extra layer of excitement to the festivities, fostering camaraderie and teamwork among participants. The day culminated in the epic Battle of the Bands, where talented musicians from across campus competed for the title of ultimate champion, igniting the crowd with their electrifying performances.

The UBLC Febstival 2024 was more than just a celebration of the university’s founding anniversary; it was a testament to the vibrant spirit and unwavering dedication of the entire Ubian community. As participants reflected on the memories made and friendships forged during the festivities, they were reminded of the enduring legacy of their beloved alma mater. With its rich heritage and abundance of talent, the University of Batangas continues to inspire and uplift all who are fortunate enough to be a part of it.

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