University of Batangas Lipa City Joins Lipa Flores de Mayo: Celebrating Faith and Tradition Together

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The University of Batangas Lipa City proudly participated in this year’s Lipa City Flores de Mayo celebration, an event that beautifully showcases the rich cultural heritage of the Lipeños. The festival, a time-honored tradition in the community, brought together residents and visitors alike to honor and celebrate their devotion to our Blessed Virgin Mary. This year’s Flores de Mayo carried the theme “Luglugan,” emphasizing the deep faith that permeates the Lipa community and reflecting one of UB’s core values: Faith in God. The theme resonated deeply with the attendees, highlighting the importance of unity and spirituality in the community’s cultural practices.

UB Lipa City made a significant impact at the event with its participation. The university was represented by two distinguished students: Ms. Darlene Endozo, a dedicated BS Architecture student, and Mr. Dave Magpili, who is pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a major in Marketing Management. Their presence underscored the university’s commitment to engaging with and contributing to local traditions.

The Flores de Mayo festival, with its colorful parades and heartfelt celebrations, once again proved to be a vital part of Lipa City’s cultural identity. UB’s involvement not only showcased the talents and dedication of its students but also strengthened the bond between the university and the local government of Lipa City. The event was a beautiful reminder of the power of faith and tradition in bringing people together.

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