UB’s Newest CPAs: A Triumph of Dedication and Excellence

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The moment of truth has arrived for aspiring accountants who have undergone months, if not years, of rigorous preparation and anticipation. For many, the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Licensure Examination is a defining milestone in their professional journey. In October 2023, a new batch of talented individuals emerged, earning the esteemed title of Certified Public Accountants. To these diligent candidates, we say, “Hats off to you!”

The University of Batangas is immensely proud of the dedicated individuals who passed the CPA Licensure Examination in October 2023. These individuals have demonstrated their commitment to academic excellence and have now earned their place among the ranks of professional accountants. The success of our students on the CPA examination is a testament to the institution’s dedication to producing competent and skilled professionals in the field of accounting.

The journey to becoming a CPA is demanding, requiring countless hours of study and unwavering commitment. These new CPAs have shown remarkable perseverance and tenacity, making their success even more commendable. The newly certified CPAs now have the opportunity to contribute to the finance and accounting industry as auditors, consultants, and financial analysts. They will play a pivotal role in upholding ethical standards and ensuring the integrity of financial information.

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