UBLC Junior High School Triumphs Again: Dominating the 2023 Scholastic Readers Cup and Redefining Success in Literature

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UBLC Junior High School totally nailed it at the 2023 Scholastic Readers Cup, clinching the 1st place in the Sapphire Category last October 11, 2023. This is their third win in a row, making them a big deal in the literary world.

UBLC JHS’s success is all about their love for reading and genuine passion for the written word. They’ve got cool reading programs, lively book clubs, and they’re all about literary events. Basically, they’ve created a place where students not only do awesome in school but also fall head over heels for books.

Big congrats to UBLC Junior High School! They didn’t just win; they created a cool world where students rock at school and fall in love with books. That 2023 Scholastic Readers Cup Sapphire Category trophy isn’t just a prize; it’s like a shining light showing that when you really love what you do, success can go beyond limits. Here’s to UBLC JHS, the awesome champs who are changing the game in literature. They’re not just winning; they’re rewriting the story of success in the coolest way. 

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