Intercollegiate 2024: A Celebration of Talent and Sportsmanship

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Intercollegiate 2024 was an incredible event! Brahmmy, along with enthusiastic deans and faculty members, joined in the colorful parade of colleges. The program kicked off with an inspiring torch lighting and a heartfelt sportsmanship oath, setting the stage for an unforgettable 3-day event, all organized by the UBLC Student Government – College Department.

UBians broke records and ignited their passions in a wide range of sports and competitions. The face-offs were intense, and the performances were nothing short of breathtaking. Teams from the five colleges battled fiercely for their departments, delivering spectacular games that kept everyone enthralled.

Also, the exhibition games, a highlight of the intercollegiate festivities, added an extra layer of excitement. Team A, made up of the Safety and Security Department, the Center for Business and Innovation, and the College of Engineering and Architecture, went head-to-head with Team B, which was composed of the Maintenance Department and the ITC Department. Both teams showcased the amazing diversity of talent across departments. The UBLC Basketball Men Varsity and the reigning champs, the College of Criminal Justice Education, also showcased their moves on the court as part of these exhibition games.

As Intercollegiate 2024 wrapped up, from the smooth moves on the dance floor to the intense competition in every game, it was a rollercoaster of talent and excitement. Huge congratulations to all the winners – your hard work and dedication truly paid off! And to every participant, thank you for bringing your best and making this event truly unforgettable.

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