Harmony in Motion: CMT’s World Tourism Day 2023 Celebration Unveils Insights and Inspires Sustainable Futures

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In a lively celebration of World Tourism Day 2023, the College of Management and Tourism (CMT) had an exciting day filled with inspiration and talent. The day started early with the Tourism and Green Investments Convention, where Dr. Ma. Christina G. Aquino, a respected figure in the field, shared valuable insights about the connection between tourism and sustainable investments. The event highlighted the importance of responsible tourism for a greener future. Attendees were treated to a wealth of knowledge, exploring the pivotal role of responsible tourism in shaping a greener and more sustainable future. 

In the afternoon, there was the thrilling search for UBLC World Tourism Ambassador and Ambassadress. CMT spared no effort in making this a global tribute to travel. The celebrations were a big success, making a lasting impression on everyone involved. As CMT shapes future leaders in the tourism industry, the event served as a source of inspiration and a call for sustainable and inclusive tourism practices. Here’s to a future where every journey contributes to the betterment of our planet and the enrichment of global connections.

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