Global Conference: Mixing Smart Tech and Local Wisdom for Better Education

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The Asian Universities Digital Resource Network recently organized an international research conference focusing on the intersection of digital technology and local knowledge. The event, held on February 1 and 2 at the UBLC Multipurpose Hall, aimed to explore how these two aspects can collaborate to empower education in the era of Artificial Intelligence. The conference provided a platform for researchers from various countries and nearby provinces to share their insights and findings.

The theme of the conference, “Digital Technology & Local Knowledge: Empowering Education in the Age of Artificial Intelligence,” highlighted the importance of integrating traditional wisdom with modern digital tools. Participants discussed innovative ways to harness the potential of technology while preserving and promoting local knowledge. The conference fostered collaboration among academics, fostering a global dialogue on how education can evolve and adapt in the rapidly changing landscape of AI.

With a diverse range of presentations and discussions, the International Research Conference on Local Knowledge 2024 offered a valuable opportunity for academics and experts to exchange ideas and explore practical solutions. By addressing the synergy between digital technology and local knowledge, the conference aimed to contribute to the ongoing efforts in enhancing education for the benefit of learners worldwide.

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