Empowering Futures: UBLC Admissions Office and Hon. Mayor Eric B. Africa Scholarship Program Forge a Transformative Partnership

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In a momentous occasion, the UBLC Admissions Office strengthens its ongoing collaboration with the Hon. Mayor Eric B. Africa Scholarship Program, solidifying its position as one of the esteemed educational institutions partnering in this initiative!  

The official Memorandum of Agreement was formally signed by Mayor Eric B. Africa, Lipa City Mayor; Mr. Ronnel Sarmiento, Lipa City Community Affairs Officer; and Mr. Antonio P. Aquino Jr., UB Admissions and Scholarships Officer. Accompanying them at the event were Ms. Jennifer S. Pasahol and Mr. Rick Daniel G. Comia from the UBLC Admissions and Scholarship Office.

This significant partnership underscores our commitment in shaping a promising future for the youth of our community. By working hand in hand, this aims to provide educational opportunities that open doors to boundless possibilities.

Full of enthusiasm and pride, here at UB Lipa, we are excited to unite for this journey. Our focus is on turning education into a guiding light for each student’s success. As we dive into the realm of learning collectively, our commitment is to establish an inclusive space where everyone, regardless of their background, can flourish. We aim to create a collection of educational wins that proves how strong teamwork and the endless possibilities of our community’s young people can be. Let’s embark on this journey together, filled with accomplishments and enduring partnerships!

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