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Counseling and Psychological Wellness (CoPWell) Center

About our Center

CōPWell Center (formerly known as the Guidance Counseling and Health Office) is the department that caters to the mental health and wellness of the university students. It is composed of licensed and trained professionals in the fields of counseling and psychology that offers a holistic approach ensuring the well-being of the community. 

The center specifically aims to empower the university community with a positive outlook in dealing with life challenges and adversities. Hence, the spelling is pronounced as kōp-well to further echo the mission and vision of the University and give a resounding message that the Center is here to give hope to cope, and the will to be well.

Our Vision

A leading counseling and psychological wellness center that continually promotes mental wellbeing in the Province.

Our Mission

We are devoted to delivering comprehensive and evidence-based interventions through specialized services and programs carried out by committed and competent professionals to meet the mental health needs of the University’s stakeholders.

Our Objectives

  1. Comprehensive program executed as an integral part of the educational system;
  2. Conducive, positive and therapeutic environment that assists in the efficient delivery of programs and services;
  3. Competent licensed professionals vigorously leading and serving the community;
  4. Strong linkages in the community and professional organizations through social responsibility; and
  5. Income-generating projects responsive to the community needs and supports the University’s financial viability.

CoPWell Services and Programs are coordinated activities or systems designed to support and improve the holistic wellbeing of students. The center offers comprehensive and developmental programs that address the academic, personal/social, and career competencies necessary for the total functioning of students as they live in a changing society.

Our Services

  1. Counseling and Follow-up
  2. Individual Inventory
  3. Information and Mental Health Literacy
  4. Consultation and Referral
  5. Testing and Assessment
  6. Research and Evaluation

Our Programs



  • Academic coaching and counseling 
  • Learning sessions
  • Student appraisal



  • Personal and social counseling 
  • Learning sessions
  • Student appraisal



  • Internal Shifter Involvement Program (ISIP)
  • Career coaching and counseling 
  • Learning sessions
  • Student appraisal



  • Parent Orientation
  • Parent Mental Health Forum
  • Coffee with the Counselor


  • Mental health awareness training for faculty
  • Room-to-room meet and greet with the Colleges and Department
  • Discussion of University mental health services/assessment feedback with the Academic unit
  • Tatak Brahman Orientation Program



  • Focused Group Discussion (FGD)

Student Athletes 

Student leaders 


Working students

Cultural group members

Sons and daughters of OFWs

Indigenous Peoples (IPs)

Persons with Disabilities (PWDs)


  • Briefing and debriefing to board courses students
  • Sexuality and Gender Alliance Program (SAGAP)



The support service, through the Society of Peer Facilitators, acts as a bridge between counselors and students by providing supervised assistance among its members and also assists the Center in delivering services to all students of the University.


Step 1: Fill out the online appointment form. [LINK:]

Step 2: Wait for an email, call or text from your counselor to confirm your scheduled appointment. 

Step 3: Meet your counselor on the date and time set. 

Step 4: Rate us to evaluate your experience! [LINK:]



Step 1: Accomplish the online referral form. [LINK:]

Step 2: A CoPWell staff will contact you via email, call, or text to secure more information about the referred student. 

Step 3: The counselor will schedule an appointment with the student. 

Step 4: Wait for a referral feedback form to be sent to your email. 

Counselor’s Professional Affiliations

  • Advocates for Career and Education Support, Inc.
  • American Psychological Association
  • Ascendens Asia International Researchers Club
  • Federation of Career Guidance Advocates of the Philippines
  • Integrated Professional Counselors Association of the Philippines
  • International Organization of Educators and Researches Inc.
  • Mental Health First Response
  • Philippine Association of Administrators of Student Affairs Region IV-A
  • Philippine Association for Child and Play Therapy
  • Philippine Center for Gifted Education, Inc.
  • Philippine Guidance and Counseling Association
  • Philippine Mental Health Association
  • Psychological Association of the Philippines
  • Youth for Mental Health Coalition, Inc.,
Facebook Page

University of Batangas – Counseling and Psychological Wellness Center

Email Address

[email protected]

Telephone Number

(043) 723-1446 

CoPWell Elementary – loc 711

CoPWell Junior High School – loc 521

CoPWell Senior High School – loc 736

CoPWell College – loc 203

CoPWell Lipa High School & College – loc 805


CoPWell Elementary – Ground Floor, Magalang Hall, Downtown Campus

CoPWell Junior High School – Second Floor, Catapang Hall, Batangas City Campus

CoPWell Senior High School – Second Floor, Millennium Building, Batangas City Campus

CoPWell College – Ground Floor, UB Corporate Center, Batangas City Campus

CoPWell Lipa High School & College – Ground Floor, Building A, Lipa City Campus

Office Hours

Monday to Friday | 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Services provided by the Counseling and Psychological Wellness Center Service for both are offered free of charge to all enrolled UBian students. In the event that a referral to an outside specialist is deemed necessary, you are expected to pay for those services.

Any enrolled student of University of Batangas from Basic Education to Higher Education may avail of the different CoPWell Center services.

If you yourself need support and assistance, you may set an appointment with your counselor via this link:

A student who manifests the following signs/symptoms (but are not limited to) may be referred for a consultation or counseling:

  • Signs/experience of extreme sadness
  • Signs/experience of anxiety
  • Signs/experience of loneliness
  • Signs/experience of social withdrawal
  • Signs/experience of demotivation
  • Signs/experience of poor concentration
  • Signs/experience of aggression
  • Signs/experience of poor self-esteem
  • Signs/experience of misconduct
  • Signs/experience of self-harm
  • Signs/experience of underachievement
  • Signs/experience of hallucinations
  • Signs/experience of delusions 
  • Signs/experience of excessive alcohol use 
  • Signs/experience of abuse
  • Signs/experience of grief
  • Signs/experience of restlessness
  • Signs/experience of sleep disturbances
  • Experience of unexplained emotional outbursts
  • Experience of relational problems
  • Experience of family problems
  • Marked change in hygiene
  • Marked decline in weight
  • Marked increase in weight
  • Marked absenteeism/tardiness
  • Marked academic decline
  • Expressing ideas of suicide
  • Other mental health issues and concerns

If you are a student, parent/guardian, family member, teacher, friend, Discipline Officer or concerned person and you wish to refer your student/s or child/children, who may be in need of assistance and support, kindly click this link: Once the counselor already talked to the student/s, he/she will accomplish the Referral Feedback Form to notify the referrer.

The students’ concerns and areas of development are explored in the sessions. Conversing about the students’ thoughts and feelings are essential to help the counselors assist and assess the concern/s at hand. The counselors use different interventions for the betterment and holistic development of the students.

The counselors took an oath of confidentiality and highly observed ethical practices in counseling.  The details disclosed during the counseling sessions are strictly kept between the counselor and the counselee only. Such confidentiality is breached when there is imminent danger to the counselee or to others. Moreover, counselors are mandated by the law to disclose relevant counseling information to authorized people, or when ordered by the court. 

The Counseling and Psychological Wellness Center administers, scores and interprets psychological tests depending on the year level and specific needs of the student/s. To avail this, the student may contact or email his/her counselor to provide the nature of the request/s. 

The Counseling and Psychological Wellness Center commits in delivering quality services for a flexible learning environment and support. The activities and programs offered are designed to accommodate the students needs in a hybrid set-up (online and offline). Students are reached through the utilization of different platforms such as UBian LMS, Google Meet, Zoom, and the like.


In case of emergency and the  counselor is unavailable, the student may  inform the secretary/personnel of his/ her need to talk to someone. A crisis counselor will then be assigned to the student to address  the concern right away. In the event that the need arise beyond office hours already, the student may call the National Mental Health Crisis Hotline at 1553

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