Ceremonial Milestones and Collaborative Commitments: UBLC CCJE’s Epaulette Ceremony Marks a Promising Partnership with Lipa City’s Tri-Bureau

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In a momentous event, the UBLC College of Criminal Justice Education (CCJE) recently conducted its Epaulette Ceremony, marking a significant step for the BS Criminology Student-Interns of the academic year 2022-2023. This milestone occasion was not only about the ceremonial transition but also witnessed the formalization of a crucial partnership between UBLC CCJE and Lipa City’s Tri-Bureau, comprising the Philippine National Police, Bureau of Fire Protection, and Bureau of Jail Management and Penology.

The Epaulette Ceremony happened last September 29, 2023 and showed how dedicated the BS Criminology students are as they get ready for their internships. Attended by esteemed faculty members, honored guests, and the eager student-interns, making the ceremony feel special for the school year.

During the ceremony, there were touching moments when the interns had special badges pinned to their uniforms. This showed that they are committed to the ideas of criminology and ready to use what they’ve learned in real-life situations. The event was more than just a tradition; it made the interns even more excited about their future in criminal justice, making them feel really proud to be part of it.

The Epaulette Ceremony of UBLC CCJE not only marked a significant milestone for the BS Criminology Student-Interns but also symbolized a promising partnership between CCJE and Lipa City’s Tri-Bureau. This convergence of ceremony and collaboration sets the stage for a dynamic and enriching journey for the aspiring professionals and solidifies CCJE’s commitment to preparing students for success in the realm of criminal justice.

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