Building Resilience: UB Lipa’s Proactive Safety Commitment through Collaborative Drills

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In a resounding display of dedication to the safety and well-being of its academic community, the University of Batangas Lipa Campus partnered with the Lipa City Bureau of Fire Protection to conduct a crucial Fire and Earthquake Drill. Far beyond a routine simulation, this exercise marked a significant stride in UB Lipa’s ongoing commitment to safety preparedness.

The collaboration with the local Bureau of Fire Protection not only added an extra layer of expertise to the drill but also fostered a strong sense of community engagement. This joint effort served as a testament to the gravity with which UB Lipa regards the safety of its students, faculty, and employees.

The event unfolded as more than just a mandatory exercise; it was a proactive declaration of UB Lipa’s dedication to creating a secure and resilient campus environment. The drill encompassed a meticulous simulation of both fire and earthquake scenarios, allowing participants to familiarize themselves with emergency procedures in a controlled yet realistic setting.

The drill’s success was not only measured in the flawless execution of evacuation procedures but also in the post-drill discussions and feedback sessions. UB Lipa actively encouraged participants to share their insights, observations, and suggestions, fostering an environment of continuous improvement in safety protocols.

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