Bachelor of Science in Information Systems

Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

PEO1 Demonstrate mastery of subject matter/discipline

PEO2 Facilitate learning using a wide range of teaching methodologies and delivery modes appropriate to elementary learners and their environments

PEO3 Develop innovative curricula, instructional plans, teaching approaches and resources for diverse learners

PEO4 Demonstrate higher-order thinking skills in planning, monitoring, assessing and reporting learning processes and outcomes

PEO5 Practice professional and ethical teaching standards sensitive to the local, national and global realities

PEO6 Pursue lifelong learning for personal and professional growth through varied experiential and field-based opportunities

Program Outcomes (PO)

PO1 Demonstrate in-depth understanding  of the diversity of learners in various learning areas

PO2 Manifest meaningful and  comprehensive  pedagogical  content knowledge (PCK) of the different subject areas

PO3 Utilize   appropriate   assessment and   evaluation   tools   to measure learning outcomes

PO4 Manifest skills in communication,  higher order thinking and use of tools and technology to accelerate learning and teaching

PO5 Demonstrate positive attributes of a model teacher, both as an individual and as a professional

PO6 Manifest   a   desire   to   continuously   pursue   personal   and professional development

Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

PEO1 Mastered the skills required for the following positions:

  • Organizational Process Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Solutions Specialist
  • Systems Analyst
  • IS Project Manager

PEO2 Demonstrated the ability to design, implement, evaluate and integrate computer-based systems while successfully holding responsible positions in the IT field, including positions that are supervisory or managerial in nature

PEO3 Communicated effectively in a team environment while using tools and skills mandated by the IS Profession

PEO4 Engaged in life-long learning and professional development

PEO5 Addressed professional issues utilizing appropriate legal and ethical practice

PEO6 Become well rounded individuals who are productive and responsible members

Program Outcomes (PO)

PO1 Apply knowledge of business processes, computing, mathematics and social sciences appropriate to Information Systems.

PO2 Analyze a problem, identify and define the computing requirements with respect to organizational factors appropriate to its solution and plan strategies for their solution.

PO3 Evaluate information systems in terms of general quality attribute and possible trade-offs presented within the given requirement.

PO4 Design, implements, and evaluates information systems, processes, components, or programs and to source cost-benefit efficient alternatives to meet desired needs, goals and constraints.

PO5 Use Knowledge and understanding of enterprises in modeling and design of information systems.

PO6 Deploy and use effectively skills, tools and techniques necessary for information systems practice.

PO7 Function effectively on teams (recognizing the different roles within a team and different ways of organizing teams) to accomplish a common goal.

PO8 Communicates effectively with the range of audiences. Communication skills include technical writing, presentation and negotiation and numeracy.

PO9 Recognize the legal, social, ethical and professional issues involved in the exploitation of computer technology and be guided by the adoption of appropriate professional, ethical, and legal practices both in the local and global community.

PO10 Recognize the need for and engage in an independent and life-long learning, planning self-learning and improving performance as the foundation for on-going professional development.

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Bachelor of Science in Information Systems