Bachelor of Multimedia Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication program equips students with necessary theoretical framework on the history and processes of communication and mass media, allows them to develop holistic skills in technology-aided interpersonal and cross-cultural communication and exposes them to current trends and practices in organizational and public communication. This program exposes students to the diverse course work in internship and communication studies such as advertising, broadcasting, journalism, communication research and public relations.

The Bachelor of Arts in Legal Management program provides students with knowledge of the basic principles of law as well as the essential processes governing the Philippine legal system. Aside from being an excellent preparatory course for formal law studies, the program also imparts to students practical knowledge of fundamental management principles. It also gives students a strong background in research, problem solving and analysis.

The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science program provides the students with the necessary knowledge about political environment and the problems or issues that confront it. Through this course, students are exposed to the world of politics in their preparation for careers in government, public administration of justice, as well as for graduate work in political science and admission to law school.

The Bachelor of Arts/Science in Psychology program is for people who are interested in human behavior. It equips students with necessary knowledge about personality, human development and psychological testing, needed for different career paths of psychology. This comprehensive curricular program includes exposure of students to research, laboratory work and extensive on-the-job training.

The Bachelor of Multimedia Arts program focuses on creativity and innovation in the study of multimedia within a liberal arts context. Through a balance of courses in theory and practice, students develop an understanding of arts and design principles and practical multimedia skills. This combines the study of multimedia technologies, and communications policies, influences and practices with the applied and creative aspects of multimedia production, web development, animation and digital video production.

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Bachelor of Multimedia Arts