Vision, Mission and Philosophy


We envision the University of Batangas to be a center of excellence committed to serve the broader community through quality education.


The University of Batangas provides quality education by promoting personal and professional growth and enabling the person to participate in a global, technology- and research-driven environment.


The University of Batangas, a stock non-sectarian, private educational institution, believes in the pursuit of knowledge, values and skills necessary for the preservation and improvement of the Philippine society. It has faith in the dignity of the human person, in the democratic process, in the reward for individual excellence, and in the freedom of a person to worship God according to his conscience. Thus, the institution believes that the development of the individual as a person and worker is an effective means in building a better family, community and nation, and a better world.


The University of Batangas aims to:
  • Pursue academic excellence through continuing search for the application of truth, and knowledge and wisdom via traditional and alternative modes of instructional delivery.
  • Promote moral and spiritual development through an integrated educational process that will enhance human character and dignity;
  • Develop cultural, economic and socio-civic conscience through an educational content relevant to national development needs, conditions and aspirations;
  • Strengthen involvement in community services through varied economic and environmental projects;
  • Attain institutional self-reliance through responsive programs for staff, facilities and systems development;
  • Ensure financial viability and profitability
  • Adopt internationalization to meet the shifting demands in the national, regional and global labor environment; and
  • Increase the University's productivity and innovation in research, scholarship and creative activities that impact economic and societal development