UB reaps 3 PACUCOA Awards, is the 3rd Highest number of accredited programs in the country

The Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on
Accreditation (PACUCOA) is an accrediting body which oversees and
assesses the standards of higher education institutions. PACUCOA
accredited programs assures that education is directed to arm students
with skills in their field along with a conducive learning environment.
During the December 4, 2020 General Assembly of PACUCOA, the
University of Batangas reaped different awards for commendations and
successes this year.

Teaming through Learning Technology

On the shoulders lay the task of dedicated mentoring to effectively bring the
ambitions of students to fruition. A webinar on "Strengthening Synchronous Learning:
Boosters, Add-ons and Netiquettes" was held last October 14 and 15 for faculty
members and October 16 for the parents. The webinar was an output of the study
conducted by the Synchronous Learning Concerns (SLC) Committee, one of the
committees created by the Vice President for Academic Affairs to address the conduct