Senior High School Level



The University of Batangas Senior High School is the foremost senior high school that prepares the youth professionally through a nurturing and engaging learning environment with world class standards, research expertise and technological opportunities.


The University of Batangas Senior High School is a humanistic institution dedicated to educate and empower 21 st century learners to become socially-responsible and globally- competitive citizens committed to address the needs and demands of the changing world.


The University of Batangas Senior High School aims to: 1. Prepare students for career and employment, entrepreneurship or higher education by developing their communicative, scientific, research, technological and technical-vocational knowledge and skills
2. Engage students in a broad range of opportunities in research, innovation and work immersion for the development of the 21 st century skills;
3. Develop conscientious and humane learners;
4. Promote empowerment and profound understanding of gender equality through activities open for all gender
5. Strengthen school-community relations and cultural dynamism through various outreach programs
6. Support and challenge the learners to reach their full potential;
7. Encourage a culture of continuous learning and collaboration; and
8. Produce graduates capable of making effective contributions to the local, national and global community.

SHS Graduate Attributes

Solution Finders & Risk Takers
Economic Contributors
Responsible Technology Users
Value-laden Individuals
Independent & Life-long Learners
Competent Communicators
Efficient Servant-leaders of/for the Society