School Records, Non-Confidential and Confidential

School records are classified as Non-confidential or Unclassified and Confidential or

The Non-confidential includes:
1. Enrolment Lists
2. Class List
3. Teachers’ Programs
4. Graduation Programs
5. ESC forms
6. Barangay Certification
7. Student’s Clearance Form

Confidential or Classified are records disclosed to the office strictly for admissions and
management purposes, as well as personal or academics generated while the student is under
the custody of the University of Batangas. These include:
1. Birth certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) formerly NSO
2. Adoption papers
3. Academic records or reports such as final grades, grading sheets F-137 / transcript
of records and F-138 / Report Card
4. Disciplinary Records
5. ACR-I Card / Study Permit /Valid Passport / Diplomatic Visa / Student Visa /
Recognition Papers
6. Enrollment Slip
7. Academic Contracts
8. Court Order on Child Custody
9. Affidavit on Change of Name / Chinese Name