Dean's List

The program is designed to help students achieve the highest possible knowledge and
training and to form a nucleus of productive graduates and future leaders. This is
undertaken in order to motivate students to excel in their academic work via an honor’s
program. It can also be a means of improving and of enabling them to compete with
graduates of other schools in seeking employment. The candidates for membership to
and the implementation of the program are as follows:

1. A student should have an average rating of at least 2.0 without any failing
grade. Grades in PE and ROTC are not included in the computation.

2. The student should carry the regular semestral load as indicated in the
curriculum, and the minimum 15 units load to qualify in the program should be
verified thru the Registrar’s Office or the College Dean or Department Director.

3. The nominees for the Dean’s List shall be posted in the Bulletin Board and
submitted for publication in the student paper. Regardless of year level, the
listing shall be from the highest to lowest. The ranking shall prevail in the grant
of scholarship.

4. A scholarship, full or partial, for one semester shall be in accordance with
enrollment size. This scheme does not conflict with the existing policy on
academic scholarship and will not deprive the students his grant based on the

5. A student who qualifies for the scholarship grant shall be given refund of the
amount paid on tuition fees only. The Registrar and the Dean should
authenticate the application forms devised for the purpose.

6. A student who qualifies academically but is found to have violated any of the
school’s rules and regulations shall not be nominated for the Dean’s List