Cultural Scholarship

1. Open to all bonafide UB College students who have actively participated in
cultural activities.

2. It is limited to students who have no failing grades and have enrolled for at least
15 units in a semester. Cases of graduating students and student artists who
have other scholarship grants will be evaluated by the cultural office before
claiming scholarships.

3. Each member will be evaluated by cultural trainer/adviser, cultural coordinator,
SAEP Director, VP SEA and to be endorsed to the Office of the President.

4. Evaluation of cultural scholarships shall be conducted at the third month of every
semester. Availability of funds shall be considered upon recommendation. The
Cultural Affairs Coordinator may allot scholarship ceiling budget each semester
to balance the approved budget intended for the purpose.

5. The individual requirements for scholarships are:
- Personal Data Sheet
- List of Accomplishments (Group and Individual)
- Final List of Grades
- Enrollment Assessment Form

6. The criteria for evaluation shall be the following:
- Performance 35 POINTS
- Skills and Experience 25 POINTS
- Attendance 20 POINTS
- Attitude/Discipline 20 POINTS