Athletic Scholarship

This scholarship program is granted to members of the University’s Athletic Group.
Scholarship grant will be based on the performance of the student athlete, evaluation by
the coaches, sports coordinator and Director of SAEP with recommending approval by
the VPSEA and Office of the President.

- Must be a bona fide student of University of Batangas
- Must be enrolled at least 12 units of the current semester
- Transferees from other schools must serve one year residency
- If a transferee came from a PRISAA, NCAA-South member school, the athlete
must serve 2 years residency regardless of being an athlete or not
- They are required to submit transfer credentials (Honorable Dismissal, Transcript
of Records) for verification by the school registrar and original PSA Birth
Certificate to the Sports Development Office.
- Must undergo physical examination with x-ray to be conducted by the school

- Must have no failing grades
- Must attend practice/training regularly
- Must show discipline in and out of the playing court