Vision Mission Objectives

The Center shall foster creativity, innovativeness and technology development to
meet the challenges of national and international thrusts.

To lead the University in the creation of a globally responsive environment
through publications, research, linkages and liaison that will advance the frontiers
of knowledge.

To visualize the Vision and Mission statements of the Center for Publications,
Research, Linkages and Liaison (CPReLL), the following objectives were

1. To respond to national and global initiatives through basic and applied
2. To produce inward and outward looking researches and other outputs
for publications;
3. To develop mutually beneficial partnerships and linkages with local,
national, and international establishments and institutions, academe,
industry, government/non government agencies, the clergy and the
civil society;
4. To communicate with external counterparts regarding the different
concerns and issues in the university;
5. To support other functions of the University such as instruction,
production and extension services; and
6. To seek external support from both national and international