Publication Procedures

After completion of the research project, the author endorses the paper to CPReLL for review. The following are the procedures to be followed:

STAGE 1: The internal referee (who reviews according to expertise) makes the first round of content review of paper after it has undergone anti-plagiarism, grammarian, and other tests. The paper under review shall adhere to the format prescribed by CPReLL.

STAGE 2: Author revises the paper following the internal referee’s comments and suggestions.

STAGE 3: Internal referee reviews the revised paper.

STAGE 4: The internal referee endorses the revised paper to the Editor-in-chief.

STAGE 5: Editor- in- chief sends the paper to the External Referee/s.

STAGE 6: External Referee reviews the paper using the refereeing form.

STAGE 7: Editor-in- chief retrieves peer-reviewed paper (from external referees).

STAGE 8: Author reviews the paper again following the referee’s comments and suggestions.

STAGE 9: Editor-in- chief resends the paper to the concerned referee for another review if needed.

STAGE 10: Editor-in-chief does the final round of the paper review.

STAGE 11: Editorial Office gives the dummy and the final copy of the journal to the printer/ publisher.