Project Proposal Procedural Steps

1. Call for Paper

Call for research proposal is sent out by the Office usually at the start of the semester. The memorandum is coursed through the deans of the different colleges or heads of offices. The invitation to submit a research proposal comes with it the rubrics for rating the proposal as well as the research proposal format.

2. Screening / Review

Three copies of the proposal paper shall be submitted for screening. The screening is initially done by the CPReLL Research Head together with at least two of the designated internal panel of reviewers from the discipline. The CPReLL Research Head may deem it necessary to call on external reviewers for assistance in some necessary cases.

3. Approval and Contract Signing

Final approval of the proposal will be by the University President after the CPReLL Research Head has endorsed it for implementation and funding. The researchers are then notified of the approval of their research proposal and they will be required to sign the agreement on research project.

Budget Allocation

Budget allocation is computed based on the suggested budget details or needs. The allotted budget for the research may be claimed by the researchers quarterly or as may be deemed necessary by the researcher/s. The researcher/s should write a memo requesting for budget to the University’s Budget Management Officer as endorsed by the CPReLL head.

Research Proper and Time Frame

The researcher/s will be given one-year to complete the research with ten months for the actual research while the remaining two months will be allotted for refereeing, revision and eventual publication in the journal.