Request for Documents

Clearance is necessary when requesting a document at the Registrar’s Office.
Students, Alumni and other clients are required to seek permission from the offices – Learning
Resource Center, General Services, Community, Alumni and Placement office and Budget
Management office. To better serve the clients, processes were simplified where the concerned
offices – Learning Resource Center, General Services, Budget Management Office, IASPO,
Colleges/Department, Community, Alumni and Placement Office are required to update
regularly the students/alumni accountabilities/obligations, this will serve as a source of individual
office clearances.

Currently enrolled students are not required to undergo the clearance procedure.
Alumni, former students and other clients are directed to the Registrar’s office to secure and fill
out Document Request Form.

The Registrar’s office will only issue client’s request once the alumni/former students of
Batangas and Lipa campuses are cleared of all obligations as seen on the Student Clearance

Policies on the Release of Records/Documents
1. The waiting time is subject to the completion of requirements in the students’ jacket or
2. Accomplished request form and appropriate clearance must be presented to the
designated windows.
3. Payment for the corresponding fees must be done at the Cashier’s office.
4. Documents are released only to the person concerned. In the event that the applicant
cannot personally claim his/her requested document/s, as per D.O. #48 s. 2017, a valid
Special Power Of Attorney (SPA) executed by the applicant specifically stating the name
of the representative and the purpose for its issuance, is required when claiming the