Admission Procedure High School Department

(For Freshmen and Transferees)

Freshmen applicants are required to secure an Order of Payment for payment of the
testing fee. On the other hand, transferees are required to present their Report Cards
and Certificate of Good Moral Character to either the Principal, the APSA or the APAA
for approval. In the same manner and after approval, transferees must secure an Order
of Payment from the Admissions Office and pay the required examination fee. However,
transferees are admitted at
the prerogative and according to criteria set by the Office of the Principal and they are
given a one (1) year probationary period.
The corresponding receipt of payment shall be presented to the High School Guidance
Office for the issuance of an examination permit.


Upon release of the entrance examination result, the student applicant is required to
submit Form 138 at the Registrar’s Office and the said office will in turn issue a
form. Thereafter, the registration form must be filled out. Students with irregular subjects
must see the Registrar for consultation. Upon approval of the registration, the student
will have to submit the registration form to the Accounting Department for assessment.
After the required assessment, payment must be tendered at the Cashier’s Office.

Grade 7 students must visit the Guidance Office for placement test scheduling and
completion of personal data sheet. A physical check-up shall then follow for Grade 7 and
Transferees at the University Clinic at the basement of Arguelles Hall. Procurement of
books, ID picture taking and uniform measurement shall be done at the University
Bookstore after the said check-up.