Dropping, Adding and Changing of Subjects (College)

Dropping of subjects can be done anytime but not after taking the final
examination. A student has to undergo official dropping procedure by accomplishing the
Adding/Dropping form (F-CRO-08, College UBBC, F-RO-04, UBLC, F-HRO-15, Junior
High, F-HRO-15A, Senior High, F-ERO-03, Elementary) Once completed and approved
he/she has to inform his/her teacher to avoid a mark of 5 or failed.

A student who officially drops the subject due to justifiable reasons before the
midterm examination shall be given a corresponding mark which is not considered failing

Changing, dropping or adding of subjects after enrollment is allowed only for
valid reasons within the prescribed period. Valid reasons include changes in schedules
of subjects resulting to conflict of schedule, opening of petitioned subjects, failure in
prerequisite subjects and other similar reasons. Adding Subjects is allowed at a
specified period indicated in the Academic Calendar of the year.

Changing time or schedule is allowed only if the subject/course is dissolved.
1. Secure Adding/Dropping form ((F-CRO-08, College UBBC, F-RO-04, UBLC)
at the respective College/Department.
2. Fill out the form and seek approval from the Department Head, and Dean.
3. Submit the approved form to the Registrar’s Office and BMO for final