UB and Philippine Exponent for Business and Product Solution Inc. inks MOA for the use of Anatomage Table


To better adapt in the requisites of the new normal in education, and due to the fast
advancements of technology nowadays, UB has taken another step towards innovation
through partnership with PEBPSI and with this, the instructors and most especially the
students can now visualize anatomy at the highest level of accuracy with the use of
Anatomage Table, the World’s First Virtual Dissection Table.

Last September 3, 2021, University of Batangas and PEBPSI representatives held the
Virtual Ceremonial signing of Memorandum of Agreement. This is to collaborate in the
implementation and usage of the Anatomage Table and the most technologically
advanced anatomy visualization system which is not just limited to Anatomy education
and is also being adopted by many of the world’s leading medical schools and

Technology, like everything else, has fueled advancement, and this has extended to the
domains of medical education and medicine itself, and this has pushed the University to
continuously strive to provide the best for its students. “We have always wanted to give
the best for our students, and this is among committed to be able to improve the
knowledge of the students”, shared Dr. Hernando B. Perez, University President.
Especially in this light of pandemic, University of Batangas proves that learning never
stops. “This is a reality we are so pleased to have, because this will make learning for
our students now especially with what’s happening with the pandemic. This will also
enable us to teach laboratory subjects even when the students are in their homes. This
is such a great leap and it is only fit and proper that the University of Batangas being the
first university in the province would also be the first one to have this kind of technology
within the University walls”, Dr. Abegayle Machelle Perez-Chua, Dean of the College of
Allied Medical Sciences proudly announces.

PEBPSI prides itself as one of the subsidiary companies in charge of medical simulation
in the Philippines, bringing the Philippines’ exclusive distributorship of the world’s first
virtual dissection table through the subsidiary company Zammeds Medical Systems Inc.
The Anatomage Table is the only table that features a wide variety of features not just
limited to anatomy, but also to histology, pathology, and surgery, radiology dicoms, and

physiology which is the latest in the table 7. It is inclusive of different pathways and the
interventional cardiology procedures which help students know how before they even
experience an actual hand on with the procedure. The anatomage table users
worldwide comes from famous universities and schools like Stanford University and
other Asian Schools like in Singapore, Korea, China, etc. and it is a great come on to
foreign students who are now looking into technology as a way or part of the teaching
modalities with today’s pandemic.

University of Batangas assures to deliver to its students the best that they deserve in
the field of medical education.