Pioneer ‘sweeps’ Division, sets record with 54 scribes qualifying for RSPC

The Westernian Pioneer set another record after winning its 7th straight division journalism tilt, September 27-30.
Sixty-four scribes of the High School and Senior High School Department copped awards in the Division Schools Press Conference (DSPC) setting 54 of them to compete in the upcoming Regional Schools Press Conference (RSPC).

John Gilbert Aceveda, Nhervia Cairrah Cueto, John Leonard Royo, Lila Caniete, Karla Cueto and Jezreel Cometa topped on their respective categories.
“I was so happy with the triumph that I accomplished above who were equally competitive, but it doesn’t stop here. We need to make ourselves better for the next conference,” Royo, a new settler junior scribe, stated.

Moreover, he added that through the intensive training that they have gone through, they have just started and they have a long way to go as they get their hopes up in coming to the national confab.
On the other hand, Senior high School journalist Karla Cueto expressed her excitement after topping in her category.

“I couldn’t have done it without all the support. It feels really great that even after a long time I’ve been in this field, I know that I can still do it and now, it’s time for the regionals,” Cueto further added.
On the other hand, the Radio Broadcasting and Scriptwriting Filipino, Collaborative Desktop Publishing, TV Broadcasting English and Filipino, emerged also as champions.

Kymer Catapang and Nyla Fernandez, Westernian Pioneer staffers, themselves, wowed Batangas City East Elementary School after showcasing their singing and beatboxing prowess in the Festival of Talents after placing as champion.

Meanwhile, among other private and public schools, UB remained the leading delegate of the Division of Batangas City for the Regionals.
Mr. Julius Lepran, staffer’s coach highlighted that they are still looking forward to cup places again in the future meets.

Additionally, Managing Editors, Kyla Guinhawa and Jezreel Cometa were posted as the president and treasurer, respectively, of the Batangas City Association of Campus Journalists Secondary level.