UB holds Groundbreaking Ceremony of Biggest Gymnasium

University of Batangas hosted a groundbreaking ceremony last March 8, 2022, for the campus community to celebrate another milestone of the University, the construction of the new gymnasium at the Millennium Campus.

University of Batangas continues to widen its horizon as it promotes excellence for all of the UBians. The University President, Dr. Hernando B. Perez expressed his excitement that the growth and enhancement of students of Batangas City campus escalates with expanded resources as well.
The said big gymnasium with a total Area of 6,459 sqm. and a total seating capacity of up to four thousand individuals, consists of Two Basketball Courts and One Volleyball Court, and has more than a hundred parking slots on the lower ground is part of the history not only of the University but also of Batangas, shared Architect Manolo Merhan.

“This is a fruition of an outstanding dream of our University President that we have a proper gymnasium and that we will be able to address the needs of our students. Besides sports, this will also be a venue for a lot of activities. We will be able to enjoy this facility in the future”, Atty. Jesus V. Mayo, Chairman of the Board of Regents shared during the ceremony.

Members of the Board of Regents, administrators and other staff were present in the groundbreaking ceremony.

Construction of the new gymnasium is targeted to be completed by December of this year.