University of Batangas Records 77 New Registered Electrical Engineers; Engr. Jan Marco G. Balani Bags the 8th Spot

Committed to its tagline “Home of the Champions”, the University of Batangas College of Engineering once again proved its title as one of the leaders in providing topnotch Engineering education nationwide as they produced 77 New Registered Electrical Engineers with a passing percentage of 91.67% in the September 2021 Electrical Engineer Licensure Examination. The university through Engr. Jan Marco G. Balani, also reaped the 8th spot, making the University of Batangas the Top 2 Performing School Nationwide.
During the Virtual Flag Ceremony held last September 27, 2021, Dr. Henry I. Cabatay, Dean of College of Engineering, expressed his deepest gratitude for another milestone of the university despite the pandemic. “This is something not ordinary especially in our situation today, it is actually a fruit of labor, persistence, and faith”, he said.

He also congratulated and thanked the newly registered engineers for sustaining the record of the University of Batangas as one of the Top Performing Schools. “Everything was all worth it for all the hardships and sacrifices of everyone. Here is a sweet taste of fine of success. Poured out of your sweat and tears. You were able to sustain the excellent record of the EE department, hailing the University of Batangas as the top consistent performing school nationwide and producing a roll of topnotchers. Moreover, Dean Cabatay also said that this is indeed an amazing achievement especially that the University of Batangas is celebrating its 75th founding anniversary.

On the other hand, Engr. Balani, who bagged the 8th spot, shared in an interview that preparing for the board exam is a tough task that needs extra work both in the physical and mental state most especially during the pandemic. This was also made possible through his family who inspired him to finish his studies and obtain achievement. He added that the University of Batangas also helped him in achieving his goals specifically in becoming a topnotcher. “Beyond the academic excellence of the school, University of Batangas helped me grow in an environment with high ethical standards. The values I’ve learned during my stay at the university enabled me to discover the qualities of a future professional. UB doesn’t require their students to be smart; they just have to be teachable by their very competent teachers/mentors. With every effort, combined with faith in God, UBians can surely become what they believe.”
Additionally, he gave a piece of advice to future engineers to love and enjoy what they are doing. “It is a great advantage for you to become an engineer someday. Taking up an engineering program comprises a lot of failures and frustrations. However, your love for your work will be the constant motivation for you to continue what you’ve started.”
Engr. Balani received cash incentives for his achievements and for bringing pride and honor to the university. Furthermore, included in the rosters of Newly Registered Electrical Engineers are the following:

Engr. Freddierick M. Abanador
Engr. Christine Jane L. Abe
Engr. Francis G. Acuña
Engr. Monique M. Adato
Engr. Caryl R. Aguila
Engr. Juan Paulo F. Aguilar
Engr. Prince Valiant Alforte
Engr. Kenn Arren V. Almeniana
Engr. Jonathan P. Angsioco
Engr. Bianca M. Arellano
Engr. Sherrie Anne A. Bagunas
Engr. Angel Mariz L. Baja
Engr. Jan Marco G. Balani
Engr. Jason M. Bautista
Engr. John Carlo A. Bautista
Engr. Jay L. Bico
Engr. Mark Jefferson B. Bonsol
Engr. Policarpio C. Boongaling III
Engr. Princess Diane M. Buan
Engr. John Robin S. Cacanando
Engr. Jan Harold A. Calabia
Engr. Anne Sharmaine C. Casanova
Engr. Eugenio T. Castro III
Engr. Menchie A. Claveria
Engr. Nicole Ann C. Clerigo
Engr. Ma. Veronica G. Conti
Engr. Jeromm Kristopher A. Cruzat
Engr. Lloyd A. De Castro
Engr. Roland Matthew C. De Castro
Engr. Joseph M. De Galicia
Engr. Merry Lalaine M. De Leon
Engr. Mike Kevin V. Dela Vega
Engr. Jeremy C. Delizo
Engr. Noemie H. Dimalibot
Engr. Allysa Mariell D. Espinar
Engr. Aaron Godfrey H. Florendo
Engr. Raniel Dave C. Flores
Engr. Hector Henry C. Glorioso
Engr. Ralph M. Gualberto
Engr. Nikko C. Gutierrez
Engr. Sherialyne Gay Gutierrez
Engr. Loreto I. Ilagan Jr.
Engr. Precious Gen C. Ilagan
Engr. Marc Lawrence V. Isla
Engr. Jarred Qiel A. Jaen
Engr. Daniel Den T. Linsangan
Engr. Joseph Joshua N. Llorca
Engr. Zandro Kim C. Lontoc
Engr. Dianne Grace F. Macaraig
Engr. Kathleen M. Macatangay
Engr. Gerrymeah A. Magadia
Engr. Reynoel V. Magnaye
Engr. Jomar B. Maniebo
Engr. Judith P. Marasigan
Engr. Fe Emery N. Mendoza
Engr. Lee Boy L. Mendoza
Engr. Kyle Bryan C. Montealto
Engr. Myla Jane C. Palo
Engr. Alisa Joy R. Panganiban
Engr. Ruby Lee D. Panganiban
Engr. Renalyn E. Pentinio
Engr. Christian M. Ramirez
Engr. Hazel Jean A. Ramirez
Engr. Victoria Mae J. Rilloma
Engr. Myleen F. Riosa
Engr. Jerald D. Salibay
Engr. Girard Paul P. Samson
Engr. Arma Marie T. Santos
Engr. John Lloyd G. Santos
Engr. Shaira Mae C. Santoyo
Engr. Darwin Jeric D. Sarmiento
Engr. Hermmie Jame B. Sontillano
Engr. Spencer R. Talain
Engr. Reginald P. Tapia
Engr. Denzil Arem C. Torio
Engr. Jayson Aaron G. Valdez
Engr. Marianne Ericka P. Zafra