UB Launches 75 th Founding Anniversary Jingle: “Rise and Stride”

University of Batangas proudly launched the new official UB Jingle, “Rise and Stride”,
as part of the 75th Founding Anniversary celebration. The festive “feels” of the new
jingle is something that everyone, especially UBians of all ages can vibe into.
During one of the highlights of the 75 th founding Anniversary Celebration, the Virtual
Cultural Show, a part of the new UB Jingle was presented to the UB Community. The
UB Jazz Band took pride as they performed the new official UB jingle and the UB Dance
Company grooved to the beat of the music.
Composed by Mr. Jaryl Renzo Decilos, the UBBC Junior Multimedia Designer, and an
alumnus of The UB Chorale, shared that it took almost three months to produce the final
output of the new UB Jingle. “If you’re going to look deeper into the meaning of the
jingle, it tells a glimpse of UB’s humble beginnings and how it continues to achieve
victories through time no matter what challenges the institution might face”, Decilos
Moreover, the composer also added how he felt while doing the song and expressed his
gratitude to the people who were with him throughout the process. “All throughout the
process of making the song, from the conceptualization, to recording, up to the
finalization of the output, I’ve always felt this kind of excitement. Aside from the fact that
this song will represent UB’s momentous event, this is also the first song I composed
that will be released. As an aspiring singer-songwriter, this is such an honor and a
blessing for me. However, this is not just me that’s behind all of this. Big thanks to the
UB Jazz Band for making a dream into a reality. And right now, I’m still amazed how the
song evolved from the first time it was written compared to what it is now and how we
are able to put all of the pieces together despite of our current situation”, Decilos
In partnership with two radio stations, Air1 91.9 FM and 99.1 Spirit FM, the new jingle
was officially launched through live simulcast last April 5, 2021, 2:00 PM. This was also
the first time that the full version of the UB Jingle was heard ON AIR.