We Rise and Stride at 75: UB celebrates founding anniversary

University of Batangas continuously rises above all the adversities. It will keep on
dreaming and it will never stop! This year, we celebrate another milestone— the 75th
Founding Anniversary, with the theme “We Rise and Stride at 75”. Commemorating the
school’s founding anniversary is very significant since it is the chance to remind the
students and the UB community about the humble beginnings of the educational
institution. The Corporate Communications Office (CCO) together with the Culture, Arts
and Publications in Basic Education (CAPBE) Office spearheaded the celebration of the
university’s founding anniversary. There was a great deal of hurried activities and great
deal of excitement not only for students but for the whole community including faculty
and employees.

As part of the celebration of the University's 75th Founding Anniversary, a Thanksgiving
Mass was celebrated last February 22, 2021, 10:00AM. The mass was celebrated at the
UB Chapel but in a limited capacity to observe physical distancing. The mass was aired
via UB Facebook Live.

Despite the challenges brought by the pandemic, it will not hinder us to still celebrate
the very special event as we commemorate the legacy started by our founding fathers.
One of the highlights of the celebration is the Founders’ Memorial Lecture that was held
last February 24, 2021 via online. University of Batangas commemorated the esteemed
founders and honored one of the notable persons whose work made a significant
impact in the University, Mrs. Conrada Benito Perez. Kins of the founders also had the
traditional flower-offering to give honor and respect to the late founding fathers.

Another activity that highlighted the celebration of the 75th Founding Anniversary is the
Virtual Cultural Show. As we, UBians, keep on raging throughout seasons of the past

decades, we are continuously fulfilling the vision of being destined for greatness. We
never stop in turning the noble causes and promises of our illustrious founding fathers
into reality.
This year, as we celebrate our 75th founding anniversary, University of Batangas keeps
on rising above all the challenges and will remain committed with its values and
purpose. Nothing stopped us from showing the best talents of the University. A virtual
cultural show that showcased the talents of the UB community headed by the different
cultural groups of the University was aired via Facebook Live last February 26, 2021. To
note, up to this day, the video of the Virtual Cultural Show reached 17,000 views.

In celebration of the University’s 75 th Founding Anniversary, the 75 th Founding
Anniversary commemorative shirt is now available for sale to the whole UB Community
(students, faculty members and employees) on a voluntary basis.
To order the said shirt, a google form shall be filled out. Payment of shirts shall be
settled at the Cashier’s office only.
With regard to the claiming of shirts, a confirmation message shall be sent as to the
details such as the date and place. The official receipt and ID have to be presented
upon claiming.

We take pride in remaining committed to its legacy. We elevate the core values
of our university. Undeniably, our spirit, intellect, and purpose fueled us in becoming
who we are right now.
We Rise and Stride at 75. University of Batangas, since 1946, still ahead and will
always be! We are Undeniably the Best!