UB produces first Mangyan conferred with Doctorate Degree

It is such an honor for University of Batangas to be instrumental in producing the first
Mangyan from Alangan Tribe to be conferred with the degree Doctor of Philosophy in
Education Major in Educational Management, by the name of Mr. Emmanuel D. Guarde.
According to Mangyan Heritage Center, a government agency safeguarding the indigenous
culture of Mindoro, Mr. Guarde was the 1 st Mangyan to receive the confirmation of the

Guarde’s parents met in mission for the Mangyan tribe. His mother taught Mangyan
children and youth literacy, numeracy and catechism as part of Catholic evangelization. On
the other hand, his father worked on a community organization, focusing on livelihood and
social issues in one of the Mangyan communities in Naujan. With this, he came to realize
and believe that he was born for a mission.

It was not an easy journey for him. Guarde even recalled what he had to go through
when he was schooling in the mission areas of his parents during his younger years. There
was a need to walk and hike mountains for almost one and a half hours to reach the school.
It was very difficult for a young boy then to trek but he persevered knowing the value of
education. Asked what motivated him to finish his studies and even pursue his doctorate
degree, he proudly stated, “I was motivated by three reasons: to equip myself with the
knowledge and skills in school and community management, for professional and personal
development and for the non-Mangyans and Mangyans themselves to change the way they
look at Mangyans.” He also shared his plans after he earned his Doctorate Degree in
University of Batangas, that he will continue to learn by putting into practice what he
studied, to extend a helping hand to his tribe in addressing some social, cultural and
political issues and to craft teaching devices and materials fitted to Mangyan learners.
Guarde expressed his gratitude to the University of Batangas for helping him
achieve his goal. “There is no exact word that can describe my educational experience at
UB. It was excellent. UB fulfilled my needs in academic and made me confident enough to
address some educational issues in the institution I am working. I was able to put together
the Indigenous Knowledge System and Practices (IKSPs) of my tribe and the given
competencies of formal education to come up with a more constructive learning among
learners”, Guarde shared.

The University strongly believes that this remarkable academic journey deserves a
distinction. During the online graduation ceremony of UB last August 18, 2020, Guarde was
awarded with a special recognition, the President’s Medal for Academic Achievement of
Indigenous People. Guarde is striving hard to pursue not just his own dreams but also of
his community. The University of Batangas takes pride in becoming part of this story of
success. Committed to its goals, the University will continue to instill competencies, to

nurture the sense of identity and to enable students assert their rights and self-
determination, because in University of Batangas, you become what you believe.