UB Amidst Pandemic, Over and Above Distance

University of Batangas remains engaged in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.
The University continues to mobilize its resources and community to respond to the

Academic Continuity in times of Crisis

In response to the suspension of classes after community quarantine was placed over
the country, the Academics has arranged all the guidelines to guarantee that learning
continues despite the crisis. Online learning through UBian Learning Management
System (LMS) was used with special considerations and modifications as regards
compliance with learning outcomes and competencies. The faculty members were
reminded of realistic workload and deadlines in consideration of students who do not
have or limited access to internet connection.

University Relief Efforts through Community Extension Services Office

The University saw the need for intensified support for the frontliners who devoted
themselves and rendered services to save lives and prevent the spread of Covid-19.
With the full efforts of the health work forces, the University aimed to support them as
they serve community during this pandemic. University of Batangas raised funds for a
span of two weeks to buy the needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the
frontliners working in hospitals and laboratories in Batangas. From the first wave of the
fundraising drive, the University through the Community Extension Services Office was
able to raise twenty two thousand five hundred pesos (Php 22,500). With the shared
financial donations, first fifteen sets of PPEs were purchased and donated to the health
work forces of Batangas Medical Center last April 20, 2020. Also to mention,
representatives of UB Graduate School donated washable cloth face masks for COVID-
19 frontliners and some personnels of gasoline stations around Batangas City last April
22, 2020. Indeed, small actions combined together can make a difference.

Online Career Guidance, Employment Coaching and Job Postings through Community Relations Alumni and Placement Office (CAPO)

As the world wrestles with the unprecedented implications of the COVID-19 pandemic,
the Community Relations, Alumni and Placement Office of the University continuously
provide support to the valued clientele. From the household, the alumni and the future
workforce players can still access Career Guidance and Employment Coaching from the
CAPO personnel. Placement services such as Resume Review, Interview Advice, and
Individual Advising are unceasingly provided by CAPO staff. Also, valued clientele
remains updated with the latest career options through job postings on the official
Facebook page of UB CAPO. The CAPO lives up to its commitment to assist students
and graduates in achieving career aspirations.

Pioneering PEN-DEMIC 2020

During this global crisis brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, people tend to be involved
in another kind of pandemic which many fail to put much attention- misinformation. With
this, PENDEMIC 2020, an online contest was organized by Westernian Pioneer and
Tunog Pamantasan, the Official Student Publications of UB Junior High School
Department, with the theme of “Might of Pens: Shading Misinformation by Writing what
is Right.” Through pens, people may fight and purge misinformation. The contest was
open to all Grades 7 to 12 students of UB. Incoming Grade 7 and 11 students were also
highly encouraged to join. The contest was divided into four categories: Essay Writing
(English/Filipino), Poster Making, Infographics, Developmental Communication.
Guidelines and criteria for each categories were posted online for everyone’s reference.
Entries were submitted from April 20-27 through private message on the official
Facebook page. After two days, winners were announced in the Facebook page of the
publication. Cash, Certificate and Pioneer shirt were the prizes for the winners.
Through this, students were reminded to practice responsible handling of information,
and to shade out false facts with the truth.

Guidance Counseling and Health Office (GCHO) Online Services

With everything that is going now, UB Guidance Counseling and Health Office assures
to be at service and ready to give support even from a distance. The office provides
Online Psycho-Educational Materials that provide worthwhile information that uplifts
spirit of individuals, Mental Health Center Directories with a list of credible mental health
providers with their respective contact details who offer telehealth in case someone
needs them, Official COVID-19 updates such as links for the reliable sources of
information concerning the current global pandemic and Continued Online Consultation
with on-going counseling cases. To know more about the online services of the office,
students may visit the official Facebook Page of GCHO.

University Operations (Online Payment and Admission Procedures)

Flexible work arrangements which include telecommunicating and work from home
were observed by the community to ensure that services and operations of the
University continues. Affected employees are expected to deliver outputs based on
deadlines set and keep communication lines open such as phone, email and virtual

Also, to mitigate the COVID-19 impact on the admission process, students may undergo
online application to process the admission to University of Batangas. UB Admission
Tests (UBAT) for A.Y 2020-2021 for Basic Education and College are waived. Students
or enrollees who will undergo Online Application will be considered conditionally
admitted and will be given slots for enrollment upon resumption of operations. However,
students who cannot avail online application due to unavailability of internet connection
may call or send message at 09666476034. Moreover, students who previously took
their online application as well as those who had undergone entrance examination for
this Academic Year do not need to take another online application. Likewise, enrollees
who have graduated from the University do not need to comply anymore on this
requirement. Different channels of settlement were offered by the University for the
safety and convenience of the valued clientele.

University of Batangas is in solidarity with the students, parents and community during
these trying times. The University assures that it will remain committed in providing
support and resources.