Lecture Series motivates CBAA students

College of Business, Accountancy and Auditing students gathered for their First
(1 st ) lecture series, “One Step Ahead” at University of Batangas Lipa City Gymnasium
last November 21.

The main objective of this activity is to gain more knowledge and promote
learnings among them in the areas of business, accountancy and finance through a
series of four seminars. Each topic has their own resource speakers aligned with their
expertise. For the morning session, Mr. Lloyd Luna, the first speaker tackled the
Winning Leadership, followed by Mr. Jayson Reyes who discussed about the New WAVE
(Winning Attitude and Values Enhancement).

Setting your goal, be motivated, and determined in making your dreams come
true will lead you in achieving it. Mr. Luna once said, “Your dream will find its way when
your heart is set to achieve it.”

According to Mr. Reyes, in the process of everyone’s journey, you should be
positive at all times to have a positive outcome because this may benefit you to do
everything better. The topic may also help students to know the proper work attitude
and values most especially in decision making.

In the afternoon session, Mr. Mendoza, the University’s very own college
instructor talked about Financial Technology: Structuring Business Landscape. He stated
that it is acceptable to make mistakes as long as you are learning from those mistakes.
He suddenly asked the students, “Do you want to be successful?” all of the students
answered yes then he replied, “Then choose to be successful.” Because most of the
time, you should claim it to make it.
“You need to have someone that will see your wrong doings to correct those.”
Mr. Tan emphasized, because sometimes when you encounter the professional world
and became successful, you forget where and how you started, and who you really are

before you have everything that you achieved. He focused in Developing Intrapersonal
and Interpersonal Skills: A Journey for Business Success. He grabbed students’
attention by making them participate in his activity to explain every scenario in a very
understandable way.

All speakers were very passionate through sharing their personal life
experiences, giving motivational advices, and explaining what the real world might be
after graduation.

Be smart enough in choosing the people that will surround you, because they
may be make or break you. Dream bigger, always choose to level up and have faith in
your heart and mind that you can become what believe.