UBLC IHM competes in the Cake Wars

University of Batangas Lipa City Campus International Hospitality Management
(UBLC IHM) students participated in the 1 st International Cake and Bake Show at SMX
Convention Center Manila last November 15-17.

Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes duo Valeri Valeriano and Christian Ong and,
Queen Mother of the Cakes Penk Chink of Pastry Bin organized the Cake Wars
competition for the students from the different communities to enhance their skills and
talents in cake decoration.

The participants from UBLC IHM were trained by Master Pastry Chef and UB
Alumnus Chef Raymar Lubis. The competition was judged by Chef Sachika Windbiel
from United States of America, Chef Dot Klerck from Sweden, Chef Rose Dummer from
United Kingdom, Chef Margherita Ferrara from Italy, and Chef Zoe Hopskinson from
United Kingdom.

The said competition has different categories such as: Sugar Flower, Celebration
Cake, Wedding Cake and Cupcake Category. The two students from UBLC competed in
the Celebration Cake and Cupcake Category. Mr. Andrei M. Olfato, a 2 nd year UBLC IHM
student bagged the Silver Award among Forty-four (44) entries in the Celebration Cake
Category. However, Ms. Mariah Carey B. Garcia, a 1 st year UBLC IHM student won the
Merit Award among 19 entries in the Cupcake Category.