UB College of Law Debate Team goes to the Finals of the V & A Law Debates

Congratulations to the UB College of Law Debate Team for notching their match
over the University of Cordilleras in the recently concluded “ANC Square Off: The ANC
V&A Law Debates” last July 12, 2019.

Members of the team are Mr. Carlo Landicho, Mr. Denji Cosico and Ms. Deborah
Palacio with Atty. Felix Leonard Novicio as Coach. Mr. Cosico was awarded as the best
speaker during the said match.

Clear arguments, orderly presentation of points and fearless opposition made
them the better team.

University of Batangas will be up against University of San Carlos for the final
round on July 19, 2019 live at 6:00 PM on ANC.
Best of luck to all the debaters!