ADVO reaps awards in LHEPC ’18-‘19

As one of the representative schools of Calabarzon, The Westernian Advocate
(ADVO) garnered awards in both group and individual categories in the Luzonwide
Higher Education Press Conference (LHEPC) ‘18-‘19 at Villa Alfredo Resort, Brgy.
Baliti, City of San Fernando, Pampanga, Mar. 6-8.
Themed “Shaping Critical Thinkers Through Fair and Balanced Journalism”, the
aforementioned press conference was divided into two categories where school
publications competed in the group categories while five representatives per region
competed in individual categories.

With this, ADVO won the Best Magazine Award with its magazine issue earning a
total of eight awards while the newsletter and tabloid issues received six and three
awards respectively.

Meanwhile, in the individual category, ADVO’S Managing Editor Gaille Sabrina Par,
notched the second place in Editorial Writing-English, Literary Editor Allen Estrada won
the eight place in Poetry Writing-English and Chief Artist-Creative Jan Viper Menes
earned the seventh place in Graphic Illustration-English.

Moreover, Michael Cedrick Ebreo, Chief Artist-Technical, and Alyssa An, Senior
Writer, were able to be one of the five representatives of the Region IV-A in their
respective contests.

Furthermore, with the numerous awards from all of the school publications in
CALABARZON, the region was able to win the 2 nd place as the Best Performing Region
in Luzon.

Gaille Sabrina Par│The Westernian Advocate