UB Presents the Newly Registered Physical and Occupational Therapists

The University of Batangas and College of Allied Medical Sciences is very proud to
present the February 2019 Physical and Occupational Therapist Licensure
Examination Passers.

Included in the roster of the newly licensed Physical Therapists are Bianca
Cristina D. Bonilla, PTRP, Marjorie B. Candava, PTRP, Beverly Riselle S. Cueto,
PTRP, Jannah Margaret T. De Castro, PTRP, Eloisa May C. Hernandez, PTRP, Rei
Anne M. Magsino, PTRP, and Rigo John Y. Teoxon, PTRP. UB attained 87. 50%
passing pecentage, higher than the 59.98% National Passing Percentage.

On the other hand, UB posted a hundred percent (100%) passing rate much
higher than the 57.82% National Passing Rate in the February 2019 Occupational
Therapist Licensure Examination. Included in roll of passers are Shara Mitchel C.
Cueto, OTRP, Mira D. Dalangin, OTRP and Beverly A. Garcia, OTRP.
The oath-taking ceremony of the passers is yet to be announced.