High School Level

The primary institution for the best secondary education.

While all the years students spend in the academe are all important, there is something unique when it comes to high school education. It is here that many academic careers are made – or unfortunately in the case of some, are broken. This is why the University of Batangas has a distinct educational strategy designed to minimize such occurrences and instead allow students to express and discover their teenage selves, all the while continuing to be actively engaged in their studies.

Proof of this is in the University High School Department's numerous achievements. In a single school year alone, many of its high school students consistently win several of the highest honors in some of the country's most prestigious competitions, such as the Regional and National Schools' Press Conference and the Metrobank – DepEd Math Challenge, among many others.

The University of Batangas is proud that its efforts through the years in achieving these goals have made it at par with the best schools in the country, through the combination of the most effective teaching methods, innovative programs, research and modern technology. In fact, we are the only institution that values its students so that we offer free evening classes to qualified and deserving students – which we believe speaks to how committed we are to enabling one and all to have access to a world-class level of secondary education.

Since its establishment in 1948, the Department has nurtured thousands of students through an intensive academic curriculum that embraces faith in God, love of wisdom and service to fellowmen, and many of its alumni have moved on to achieve excellence in college and in their professional careers after they have left the academe.

The Department has a distinction of having been awarded the title of “Natatanging Paaralan ng Pribadong Sektor sa Lungsod ng Batangas” in 2010 and has earned a Level II Accredited Status in compliance with the strict standards of the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities - Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA).

For many people, the years they spend in high school are where some of their most significant memories are made. There are memories of heartbreak and young love, of journeys of self-discovery and the beginnings of life-long friendships. High school at the University of Batangas is where all these things happen, and more. We acknowledge the impact these teenage years have on developing minds, and we are committed to helping fine-tune and guide these impressionable young boys and girls get through this phase in their lives while enabling them to learn and develop the skills and educational attainment they will need for their tertiary education in the future.


The vision of the University of Batangas High School Department is to provide an educational community that ranks among the best in the country. It will serve as an exemplar of high level of performance for other schools in the country. It will combine the best teaching practices, innovative programs, research and technological efforts to achieve high quality school experiences.


The High School Department is dedicated to nurture students through an intensive academic curriculum that embraces faith in God, love of wisdom and service to fellowmen. With the educational program, students will discover and enhance their special talents, achieve their educational and career goals, manifest gender equality and become lifelong learners.


The High School Department commits itself to: - enhance students’ communication, scientific, research and technological skills, abilities and attitudes to prepare them for higher education, the world of work and entrepreneurship;
- learn and practice research and technology and its ethical use;
- engage in educational experiences where they will demonstrate21 st century skills;
- participate in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities toward balanced social development plan;
- be actively involved in school-community relations through provisions of varied forms of outreach programs;
- build up a career plan and pathway to help transition to their next steps beyond high school;
- provide students with gender responsive learning environment and various opportunities to understand gender roles and eliminate gender inequalities.
- become morally upright graduates who will be productive and responsible citizens of the community

Science and Technology Department
- Enhance critical thinking and problem solving skills through inquiry and active exploration of natural science concepts and methods within a scientific discipline;
- Integrate the impact of scientific and technological knowledge and its personal and societal benefits in exploring the world of employment, health population resource and environmental issues;
- Engage the students in research activities aimed at helping the country in the production of economical and useful inventions;
- Foster responsible citizenship in an increasingly technological society through critical examination and application of scientific facts and inventions;
- Carry out the 3R’s (reduce, reuse and recycle) of waste management as important to good health and its connection to the world;
- Mathematics/ Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao Department
- Use mathematical language through communication, representation, reasoning and proof, problem solving and making connections within and beyond the field of Mathematics ;
- Enhance mathematical competencies withthe use of technology;
- Apply mathematical concepts, theories and principles necessary in daily life situations;
- Participate in researches about Mathematics to be responsive and productive.
- Maisagawa ang konsepto ng paglilingkod sa Diyos, pananagutang panlipunan, pansarili, pagkatao, pamilya, pakikipagkapwa, paggawa at mga pagpapahalagang moral.
- Makapagpasya at makakilos nang may pananagutan at nagtataglay ng limang pangunahing kakayahan: pag-unawa, pagninilay, pagsangguni, pagpapasaya at pagkilos tungo sa kabutihang panlahat upang makapamuhay ng may kaayusan at kaligayahan.

Languages Department
- Show competencies in reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing;
- Express communicative function in varied and higher situations to harness their potential for self-expression;
- Demonstrate global awareness through reading, understanding appropriate local and foreign literary works and language experiences.
- Apply research skills using various approaches in different fields in preparation for higher learning
- Makapagpahayag ng impormasyon, kuro-kuro at damdamin gamit ang iba’tibang uri ng pakikipagtalastasan;
- Makagamit nang mataas na lebel ng pakikipagkomunikasyon gamit ang teknolohiya upang makatugon sa makabagong panahon;
- Maipamalas ang kamalayan sa mga kaganapanna may kaugnayan sa iba’ tibang usaping pandaigdigan gamit ang wika at panitikan tungo sa pagharap sa mga makatotohanang hamon ng buhay;
- Makasulat ng isang kapakipakinabang na pagsasaliksik gamit ang mga kasanayan sa pagtuklas ng mataaas na antas ng karunungan na kapakipakinabang sa bayan at mamamayan.
MAPEH/Social Studies Department
- Demonstrate understanding geography, history, culture, society, government and economy of the country towards the formation of Filipino identity;
- Express appreciation and cultivate artistic expression that includes cultural literacy on music and arts;
- Foster participation in enjoyable physical activities to enhance physical development;
- Practice using decision making, communication skills and goal setting in simulated situations
Technology and Livelihood Education/Computer Department - Learn to use the tools that are essential to everyday life and workplace productivity
- Acquire lifetime competencies needed to become globally competitive
- Pass assessments in different areas including TESDA.