Guidelines and Policies for Admission

All requirements for enrollment must duly be presented and submitted during the
enrolment process. By way of exception however, an unavailable document
during the time of enrolment may be submitted at a later date provided that the
parent or the student sign the admission agreement stating submission at a later
date but before school opening.

Parents or guardians are required to sign the waiver for random drug testing
indicated in the Admission Enrolment Procedure Checklist. Likewise, students
are required to sign the waiver on Data Privacy.

Students who wish to avail of any scholarship offerings must proceed to the
Scholarship Coordinator for interview and grade evaluation. They are likewise
required to submit certificates showing their awards and recognition, or when
required, a certificate showing their batch ranking and number of students in the
graduating batch. Should a student wish to avail of an athletic scholarship or
cultural, they will be required to undergo a try-out before the respective
coordinators. For external scholarships, a student must present sufficient
documents showing their entitlement to the grant.