Issuance of Transfer Credentials

The following are guidelines for the issuance of transfer credentials:

1. The issuance of the statement of eligibility to transfer indicates that the student is (a)
free of all financial and property responsibilities to the school; (b) not under term of
suspension, and (c) fully eligible to transfer. The transfer document which enables a
student to be admitted to a school is not a mere statement of record of work
accomplished (Form 138 or equivalent) but also the statement of eligibility to
transfer in the case of elementary and high school, or the transfer credential
(honorable dismissal) in the case of College.

2. In case of transfer of a student to another institution, the admitting school shall, upon
receipt of the transfer credentials, request in writing for the complete school records
or transcript of record of the student from the institution last attended. The latter
shall forward the records directly to the former within thirty (30) days from receipt of
the request.

3. In the elementary and secondary levels all pupils / students who are not under term
of suspension or expulsion and who have fulfilled all financial obligations must,
within two weeks after filing of the application or after the close of the school year be
given their un-cancelled Report Card (Form 138) with certificate of eligibility to
transfer duly accomplished and signed.

4. The school shall have in its file, after enrolment period, Form 138, Form 137 and
other valid credentials of every student enrolled. In the case of students who have
transferred, the certified copies of Form 137 should be sent to the school being

5. When certified true copies of Form 137 or its equivalent are sent to other schools,
only the final rating in each subject need be indicated, together with the final action
taken, and the general average in case of elementary grades. It will not be
necessary to indicate the monthly rating or the examination marks, if any, except that
the form should be indicated in case a pupils/student leaves school before
completing a school year.

6. Every collegiate student who is not indebted to the College for announced school
fees or has no property responsibility and who is not under term of suspension or
expulsion or under investigation therefore is entitled to a transfer at the proper time
of the year and that such transfer must take effect with promptness and without any
effort on the part of the student except the mere application in writing for the transfer

7. All transfer credentials applied for in writing by the students towards the end of the
school year should be granted not later than two weeks after the close of the school
year; when applied for during a vacation period, they should be granted not later than
two weeks after the close of the school year; when applied for during a vacation
period, they should be granted not later than the opening of the next school term.
Application for transfer credentials after the beginning of classes or during the
remainder of the school year should be acted upon in the best interests of the
students, of the College, and of the system.

8. All students, except as herein otherwise provided, are entitled to transfer after the
close of a school year or term and up to the end of the succeeding registration
period, provided they have not already definitely enrolled for the new school year or
term. After the end of the enrolment period, heads of the school should consider
request for transfer in the best interests of the students and of the entire school
system. Where there is a bona fide change of residence of the parents, or guardians
of the students, or for other reasons, a request for transfer should be favorably

9. As a general rule, no fourth-year secondary student may be graduated unless he has
taken one full school year’s work in the school which is to grant a diploma.

10. Issuance of a duplicate transfer card requires an execution of a notarized affidavit
regarding the circumstances of loss or destruction and a declaration that the original
has never been used for enrolment in any school.

After the enrolment period, no transfer should be accepted for transfer, until such special
arrangements with the DepEd have been approved in such cases.