A student with grade of 2.0 in more than three courses will not qualify for enrolment in
thesis/dissertation writing. The student shall be required to take at least 6-unit refresher courses
in any major or related courses.

A grade lower than 2.0 does not entitle one to any graduate credit for a subject.
An Incomplete grade can be completed within a one-year period only. Thereafter, it shall be
automatically considered Failed.

Refresher course is given to student who has:
Finished the academic units but has not taken and passed the Comprehensive Examination yet
but has already exceeded the residency requirements of five (5) years for Master’s and seven
(7) years for Doctoral programs.

Not completed the academic units and already exceeded the residency requirements.
Earned a grade of 2.0 in more than 3 courses.

A student who is advised to enroll in refresher course/s pays full tuition and other fees for the
course/s and is expected to complete the course requirements. The student receives a
grade/rating for very refresher course he/she enrolled.