Conduct of Comprehensive Examination

The comprehensive examination is the culmination of the student’s advanced studies
which evaluates cumulative knowledge covered throughout the entire program. The examination
offers each student the opportunity to demonstrate new learning, emerging skill sets and
accomplishments. The questions are closely tied to the learning objectives of the program;
hence, materials learned from the previous subjects will be relevant for the comprehensive

The Comprehensive Examination Guide

The guide is designed to help students understand the examination process and to
efficiently and effectively prepare them to take the examination. The guide outlines the policies
and procedures that apply to the administration of the examination.

Standards. There is a minimum of ten and a maximum of twenty questions in the
comprehensive examination. These questions are developed to ensure that they are aligned
with the objectives and subject outputs. The examination question will require the students to
integrate research, theory, philosophy, current issues and best practices into his response. The
student is expected to write a minimum of three and a maximum of five pages when answering
each question.

Procedures. The applicant for Comprehensive Examination must observe the following

The student is eligible to take the comprehensive examination upon verification that:
1. The student is in the final session of the semester and will complete all coursework in
his program of study.

2. The student is in good financial standing with no outstanding balances due or owed.


1. Application form signed by the Program Head and Dean

2. Comprehensive Examination Fee

1. Secure the Comprehensive Examination Form from the Graduate School Office

2. Seek recommendation from the Program Head

3. Pay the Comprehensive Exam Fee at the Cashier’s Office

4. Obtain approval from the GS Dean

5. Take the exam at the scheduled date and time

Timeline and Calendar
1. The Comprehensive Examination must be administered three times per year or one
time per First Semester, Second Semester and Summer terms.

2. The Comprehensive Examination must be administered at a time scheduled by the
GS Dean preferably last week of the term’s final month. The date is posted at the
Bulletin Board at the Dean’s Office at the beginning of each term.

3. The student will have a maximum of one year to complete and pass the
comprehensive examination process, once they are qualified to take it.