Audit Course

Course audit is given only to a student who has passed the comprehensive examination and still
within the residency requirement of five (5) years for Master’s and seven (7) years for Doctorate
programs. A student who wishes to audit a course must state his/her intent/reason to do so at
the time of the registration and must indicate the remarks For Audit in the column Unit in the
Registration Form. Student who intends to audit a course must go through the same registration
procedure as other students and are required to pay full tuition and other fees for the course.
Audited courses are counted as part of the student’s regular load. He/she is expected to
complete course requirements but he/she does not receive any rating nor earn credit
For those students who passed the comprehensive examination but no longer within the
residency requirements are required to take two major courses (Statistics for Research and
Evaluation and Methods of Research) with passing grade.