Admission to the Graduate School is on application basis. Inquiries concerning admission or
academic regulations should be addressed to the Dean, the Program Head or to the Secretary
of the Dean. Application forms for entry may be secured from the Dean’s Office.

1. Admission is open to all students who meet the school’s specific standards, requirements and
regulations. The following requirements should be submitted to the Secretary of the GS Dean or
to the University Registrar:

For New Enrollee in the Graduate Degree
Official Transcript of Records (Original Copy)
Authenticated Birth Certificate
Photocopy of Marriage contract (if married)

For Transferees (additional to above requirements for new enrollees)
Certificate of eligibility to transfer
Graduate course taken from other schools in official transcript of records for GS evaluation
For Foreign Students (additional to above requirements for new enrollees)
Student Visa or Study Permit
Photocopy of Alien Certificate of Registration
In case of failure to submit the enrolment credentials, a waiver form should be accomplished
and submitted by the applicant to the Dean’s Office for filing and reference. The applicant is
expected to conform to the requirements stated in the waiver within the prescribed period to
make the enrolment official.

2. There are two categories for admission to the Graduate School.
- Regular admission is granted if the following conditions are met. An applicant for
graduate programs is a Bachelor’s degree holder with a general Weighted Average
of 2.0 or its equivalent or better for the Master’s Program; and a Master’s degree
holder with weighted average of 1.75 or better for the Doctorate Program. He/she
should also be proficient in English, has the ability to think critically and logically and
manifest evidence of research capability.

- Probationary Admission. Probationary admission is given when:
An applicant has lower than 2.0-weighted average in the Bachelor’s program and
lower than 1.75 in the Master’s program. He/she may be admitted in a non-degree
program until completion of 15-18 units. He/she shall qualify in the degree program
if the weighted average in the first 15-18 units is 1.5 or better.

3. New student is required to take the entrance examination and undergo interview with the
Dean and or Program Head. Only those who completed their Master’s degree in UB shall be
exempted from the entrance examination when they enroll in the Doctorate program.

4. An applicant may be given up to nine- unit transfer credits for Master’s and 12 unit transfer
credits of graduate level course work for Doctorate provided that the units were earned within

the last five years (Master’s) and seven years (Doctorate) and earned from a reputable
institution and accredited university.

5. Student in the Master’s and Doctorate programs pursuing areas different from his/her field of
specialization in the undergraduate/ master’s level respectively shall be required to take
additional units in the major subjects. The Dean shall decide the number of units depending on
the evaluation of the undergraduate /master’s credentials presented and on certified work

6. A non-thesis Master’s degree applicant may be admitted to the Doctorate program according
to the discretion of the Graduate School Dean. Likewise, they are required to take bridging
program which include enrolment to Thesis Writing and submission of research output.