Guidance Counseling and Health Office

Students, human as they are, have dynamic personalities. They feel; they have needs for attention; ways to express their talents; to belong; to understand and be understood; and to develop self-confidence so as to grow and mature holistically. University of Batangas responds to these students’ needs through the establishment of the Guidance Counseling and Health Office, which serves as an integral part of the school community, that works towards the University’s mission and vision headed to the total development of students as persons and as future professionals.

The Guidance and Counseling Office aims to mold well-SHAPED individuals through supporting students to achieve self-understanding of their potentials, interests and aptitude essential for their personal, academic, spiritual and career development. The office is at all times open to help students secure self-direction, discipline, confidence, self-respect and interest in school, home and socio-civic activities, lastly, the office enhances knowledge, skills and moral development of the students. Thereby forming well- SHAPED individuals who are Socially Competent, Honest and Responsible, Academically Inclined, Positive and Determined, Enthusiastic to Serve and Devoted to God.

The office always welcomes students, teachers and parents. They are willing to help in academic and career planning, the Counselors also provides personal counseling services helping the students achieve their fullest potentials. Students may request or be referred for counseling as the need arises.